We understand that you miss your partner terribly during the pandemic: while you want to step out and meet your partner, you are equally terrified of contracting the Coronavirus. Well, don’t fret, we have compiled for you the new dating rules for pandemic.

We also understand that some people are single and ready to mingle, even amid a globally hit pandemic, so here are some tips for dating during pandemic for all of you (irrespective of your relationship status.)

How to Date During a Pandemic?

Here are some tips to date during a pandemic:

  • Dating apps

If you are quarantining alone, and regret not being in a relationship where you could have shared your life with somebody, we think, it is still not late. Of course, you cannot go out and meet new people, but that does not mean your dating life should set back. In fact, we already have so many dating apps like Tinder and Bumble that you can try to meet potential partners.  

  • Be selective with your matches

We are going through a pandemic; if the global economy can hit that low, so can your dating standards. Match with people whose personal qualities appeal to you. And, “Damn! He looks like Adam Driver” or, “Jesus Christ! She’s a spitting image of Kristen Stewart” isn’t what we are talking about when we say personal qualities. 

Look for people you would want to spend time in the long run: somebody whose taste will match yours. By being selective, we are not saying that you need to be picky, but what we mean is that you should match with people whose traits check out most of your criteria. 

  • Be clear about your priorities during the pandemic

Do not send off mixed signals and try to make up your mind what are you looking for in a potential match. If all you want from a potential date is a one-night stand, be clear about it from the very beginning. Nobody wants to risk their lives and go out on a date in the middle of a pandemic without being sure what they are getting into.

If you are looking for a long-term companion, even before going out on a date, communicate your desires to the match. If both of you are looking for the same thing, there’s no harm in giving it a go.

Dating In Pandemic

Below are some tips to date during pandemic:

1. Get on Zoom Dates

The days of a first physical date is over and video dating has effectively taken over. Spend time with each other over Zoom calls, set up dinner for one at your respective homes, and have a nice evening together over food and wine.

Dating In Pandemic
Dating In Pandemic

Organize watch parties and watch a movie together. There are thousands of ways to date virtually nowadays, thanks to fast internet. Treat your virtual dates like real dates, dress up for your partner, look pretty, and DO NOT CANCEL ON YOUR DATE AT THE LAST MINUTE. 

2. Ask important questions early

If you are looking for a long-term partner on a dating app in times of COVID-19, we suggest you ask the key questions early on in your relationship (even before you meet in person.) Discuss the prospects of a long-term relationship, their opinions on children, how their previous relationship ended if they ever wish to get married or not. 

Converse on subjects like finance, views on racism and homosexuality, equality, and gender. If you are spending your time on somebody during times like these, you ought to make sure that you are spending your time with the right person. 

3. Share your dating rule book beforehand

Remember, COVID-19 can be transmitted through kissing, breathing, and mucus. If you are planning on meeting in person, establish your ground rules beforehand so that your potential partner knows what they are signing up for. Exchange each other’s dating rule book and make sure to maintain at least 6 meters apart from each other at all times. 

4. Choose the location of your date wisely where you can distance yourselves socially

While you are planning a date, make sure the place of your meeting is not in a containment zone and that your date is maintaining social distance and wearing a mask at all times. You know you want to date a person who is socially responsible and cares for the well being of others as well, don’t you?

5. Use safe modes of transportation to travel 

If you are safe and sound in the comfort of your own home, you would not want to contract the deadly virus just because of the date, will you? Therefore, make sure that the mode of your transportation is safe and, in the process, you will not get affected by other people or affect other people. 

6. Avoid any kind of physical activities together

Kisses on first dates are a big NO! if your date insists on it, you know it’s time to cancel him already. Even if you are interested in reciprocating the same affection, please try to curb the urge. We are in the middle of a pandemic without any vaccine and people are dying. Trust us, you don’t want to succumb to it just because you kissed a hot date. 

7. Use your intuitions to confirm or discard the date for a prospective second date

As Owen Wilson rightly said, “We only use 10 percent of our hearts.” Sounds cheesy right? The times are hard so you have to use all your senses and intuitions to decide if you really want to go out on a second date with the person or not. Don’t be hesitant, be respectful, and make your date understand you they are not worth risking another date outdoors, especially during COVID. 

Already in a relationship? Here’s a dating guide for you too

Are you missing the hugs and cuddles and the tender touches of your beau? Dating during a pandemic is awful, we agree, but it isn’t much you can do. But, you can try the following ideas to fill up the void between you and your partner during this pandemic:

  • Indulge in lots of zoom calls
  • Be a little adventurous and try sexting
  • Confirm with your partner as well as your family if they are willing to have your partner over at your place
  • If both of you are living alone, maybe now is the right time to take a step forward in your relationship and move in together.

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