Trying out new things and styles in bed is always fun as it allows both you and your partner to explore your comfort zone and who knows, you might even end up developing a kink for it! And a sex swing is just the perfect way to add a little bit of spice to your sexual life! Not only is it more pleasurable, but this way of having sexual intercourse has its perks and kinks attached to it. 

What Is Sex Swing?

As the name suggests, it is designed just in the way a swing is and it is like a harness with the help of which sexual intercourse can take place between two partners, wherein one partner moves freely and the other is suspended by the swing. Kinky much? 

Different Types Of A Sex Swing

The best part is that there isn’t just one type, there are various types of sex swings that will get you in all the feels and let you have amazing sex. 

1. Sex Slings

These are the most common types of sex swings which include a large panel that provides support to the entire body. Although it enables you to have sex in a limited number of positions, it still has 2 subtypes that include the platform sex sling and the traditional one. The latter might or might not include headrests and handles.

2. Body Sex Swings

This is the best option if standing sex positions are your favorite. It has a harness with handles and leg straps attached to it which provides support to the other partner to facilitate standing sex positions. 

3. Door Sex Swings

This sex swing is installed over a door and is placed by the door frame. These again offer a limited number of sexual positions and styles but due to their hassle-free installation and use, they are still preferred a lot. And this includes two more types namely deluxe door swings and standard door swings. 

How To Use A Sex Swing? 

Although there are many varieties, the common types mostly include a back and buttocks support, and adjustable stirrups for each leg. 

sex swing
Sex Swing

If you are going for the classic missionary, then receiving partner has to strap and fit into the swing and insert their legs in the provided stirrups while the partner who is going to penetrate comes between the legs of the former partner. A doggy-style lover? In this, the receiving partner has to lean over as the swing supports their waist and the penetrating partner has to lift both their legs up from behind. The latter can even put their legs in the straps if the swing has any! 

If you want to go for the sitting position, then the receiving partner has to use the seat of the swing as a support for their back thighs and stand on the leg straps, while making an up and down movement onto the partner who would be standing behind them and penetrating. 

You can also add more kink by trying the position of hanging your ass out. In this, the receiving partner has to hang their butt just below the seat of the swing and secure their position by taking a firm hold of the supporting straps provided with the help of their hands. And the penetrating partner would then stand behind the receiving partner. 

The former could also lie on the ground if not standing behind the latter, but that depends on the height and size of the swing. Not only these, but you can also try out other sex positions including the swinging cowgirl and reverse, and even swinging oral sex as per your convenience! Wow, that’s wild. 

Why Should you Use a Sex Swing? 

Besides the obvious perks of having an exciting and immensely pleasurable sexual experience, a sex swing is greatly efficient and versatile, thanks to its different types and structures. It allows you to have sex easily, in a more relaxed way, and spices things up too. A definitive yes for all the BDSM lovers. 

It allows both you and your partner to move freely and enjoy thoroughly while having sex as the swing causes no strain whatsoever. Another great advantage that a sex swing tends to provide is that it is incredibly handy for individuals with a physical disability or impairment to enjoy intercourse more freely and in different ways. How great is that! All in all, it is extremely flexible and easy to use and will let you and your partner explore wonderful positions and styles. 

Safety First

Before you use the sex swing, there is a set of tips that you should keep in check for safe and sound use of the swing: 

  • Go through the instructions very carefully because it is incredibly important to make sure that you are setting it all up correctly.
  • Make sure you attach the right pieces in the right places if there are any.
  • The most crucial factor is secure mounting because if that’s not the case, then your partner might be prone to falling or getting injured.
  • Before buying a sex swing, look through the different types and choose the one that suits your needs and desires the most; it is always better to spend a little more and get good quality and lasting product than to spend less and get a poor product quality.
  • Also, try to keep it clean before and after use because hygiene matters too.

So, make sure you set it up correctly and remember that position matters too; get in a comfortable and desired position before going ahead with the intercourse because that is equally important as the placement of the swing. And that’s how you can have a wonderfully pleasurable sexual experience with a sex swing without much hassle or work!

Just, don’t forget to be safe while using it! 

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