Are you too hard on yourself? Life is full of ups and downs. No matter how hard we want and expect our lives to go on smoothly, it never does, something always goes down. However, we overcome any obstacles that come in our path and we move on with our life. We, women, are somehow blessed with the enormous resilience capacity that makes us so special and amazing. 

Dealing with the hurdles and tough situations in our life compels us to get accustomed to the complications in life. While we make adjustments in our lives, sometimes we forget what keeps us happy or what we want for ourselves. Most of us tend to put the need of others before ours, a curse as well as a blessing. It can become a curse if we go too far to keep others happy and keep timeless for ourselves. In such a situation, some of us may feel like something has changed in us. 

Signs You're Being Too Hard On Yourself

Find out these hidden signs of change that indicate you are being too hard on yourself. 

1. You feel blue most of the times

You notice that you have been feeling sad for quite some time now. Nothing seems to surprise you in a good way, and you don’t even remember when you had a good laugh. Most importantly, sometimes, you need to smile forcibly. A simple case indicating that you are being hard on yourself. 

2. You prefer not to socialize regularly

Too Hard On Yourself
Too Hard On Yourself

The idea of meeting a bunch of people is like the last thing you want to do nowadays. You prefer spending your time on the premises of your home and relaxing. But you were not like this in the earlier times. You were quite the opposite.

3. You keep losing your temper very often 

You get annoyed or lose your temper very easily. Staying calm was your forte once upon a time. But now, those days are long gone and you are now like a volcano ready for eruption.

4. You don’t wake up in a happy mood

When we feel bad or we go through a bad day, we often think that let’s sleep on it. Tomorrow is a new day, and everything will be better the next day. But, on waking up, you only feel good or positive for some time and go back to being grumpy. 

5. You feel like you don’t have a life anymore

You realize for some days now that your life has become a very boring routine and you feel suffocated. You no longer have time for yourself truly. You keep thinking about how you ended up in this situation. You notice that your life rotates around your work and your family, nothing more. 

6. Zoning out 

You can’t seem to keep your mind concentrated on one thing. Even when you spend time with your family, your mind wanders elsewhere. You try your best to cheer yourself up and think positively. However, you end up again zoning out. 

7. You feel tired most of the time

As you barely get some decent sleep, you wake up cranky and feel tired all day long. You feel drained out, and you miss the times when you felt active and ready for anything.  You often wish you could get more to sleep.

8. You stopped doing what you liked

You don’t have the time or the right mind to engage in activities that you once really loved. Your hobbies and interests are now a thing in the past.

9. Negative thoughts

Your perception of life has become pretty negative and it is affecting your career choices as well. You find yourself people advising you to think more positively.

10. Unhappy skin

You notice that your skin looks dull most of the time with acne issues or any other skin-related issue. Your naturally glowing skin is no longer there. 

If you are feeling this way, no worries, my friend, we all do sometimes. This simply happens, when we pay very little attention to ourselves and ignore doing things that make us happy such as our hobby or we concentrate on things that matter to our loved ones more.  We must do something for ourselves as well. Every once in a while pampering ourselves is healthy and necessary. So, stop being hard on yourself!!

Too Hard On Yourself
Too Hard On Yourself

Life is too short to spend it worrying or over-calculating everything. So, I say, be grateful for what you have today and take some out for yourself and treat yourself. You deserve it, my friend.

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Take care♥ 

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