Sleeping is the best time to relax your body and skin but the hair, hair gets messed up big time after you wake up. The strands of hair on your pillow question the way you tie hair while sleeping. The way you tie hair while sleeping can influence your hair health. You must tie hair in the right way or form to keep it away from breakage and damage it endures while you change positions while sleeping. 

So, do you know how to tie hair while sleeping? There are various ways to tie hair while sleeping to protect it from breakage. So, keep up your hair care because in this article you’ll find how to tie hair while sleeping to prevent hair breakage and damage. 

Read on to find out!

Should you Tie Hair While Sleeping? 

Proper hair care is extremely crucial for preventing hair damage. Not tying up your hair while sleeping can be a bad habit that can affect your hair health. Most people believe that tying up your hair while sleeping can lead to hair fall. It depends on person to person if they leave hair untied or tied while sleeping. 

Hair Care Tips
Hair Care Tips

However, tying your hair while sleeping has its own advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on your hair type. It is a good idea to sleep with your hair down if you have short hair. Not tying your hair may allow air to flow freely and make you feel more comfortable while you are sleeping. 

Contrary to this, if you have long hair locks, it may be good to tie hair while sleeping as leaving it open can create knots in your hair which may cause a lot of damage. Also, leaving it open can increase dizziness. Sleeping with your hair down may sound very comfortable but it does more harm than any good, especially if you have long hair. Do not go to sleep leaving your hair open if you have long hair. Once they are tangled, detangling them will take more time, energy and cause a lot of breakages. 

Best and Easy Ways to Tie your Hair While Sleeping

Even if you are a hair care junkie, it is still not going to work if you do not take proper care before sleeping. We all follow a proper skincare routine before sleeping and unfortunately forget our beautiful hair. It is crucial to keep them away from any damage while you switch different positions during your sleep. We spend 6-8 hours everyday sleeping and it can make a lot different if you tie hair while sleeping the right way! Here are some easy and best ways to tie hair while sleeping: 

1. Make a Loose Braid 

Braiding your hair is an amazing hair trick to keep your hair intact while you sleep. It is one of the best ways to tie hair while sleeping. It not only protects the hair from tangling but also helps in protecting your hair from damage. Loose braid will ensure your straight hair is intact as loose braids won’t form curls or waves on your hair when you wake up. 

Loose Braid
Loose Braid

2. Make Braids for Waves or Curls 

You might have heard about this trick of getting heatless curls/waves by creating french or tight braids and keeping them overnight for beautiful curls and waves. You can try making reverse braids, fishtail or Dutch braids. Make sure you do not tie it too tight as it can create hair problems and it can be very uncomfortable. This way you can protect your long hair and get natural curls overnight without any hassle. 

Make Braids for Waves or Curls
Make Braids for Waves or Curls

3. Try the Pineapple Method with a Scarf 

For this, you might need a scarf, preferably, a silk scarf. Follow the given steps: 

  • Fold the scarf in such a way so that the edge of it forms a ‘V’ shape.
  • Take the V-shaped edge to the back of your hair.
  • Take the side of the scarf and bring it in front of the hair and tie.
  • Use your hands to push the hair inside and fold the scarf under the scarf line.

This will make your hair to be pointed out in pineapple shape and protect it while you are sleeping. 

4. Make a Loose Bun

For all the lazy and busy bees, this hairstyle is easy and universally liked. A messy or loose bun would be the perfect method for people with frizzy and curly hair. Just secure your hair in a loose top knot, twist it and tie it up. Messy and loose buns look absolutely cute too. Once you master how to make a cool and intact loose bun, it becomes a lot easier to do. Also, it is very comfortable and won’t interfere with your head while you are sleeping. 

Loose Bun
Loose Bun

Tips to Protect your Hair Overnight 

Like you serve up your body and skin with essential nutrients and care before sleeping, you need to take care of your hair as well. Treat it well and it won’t disappoint you! Here are a few tips to protect your hair overnight: 

  • Do not sleep with wet hair, your hair is more vulnerable to damage when it is wet.
  • Detangle your hair before sleeping for no or minimal damage.
  • Moisturise your hair with a leave-in conditioner or oil treatment, whichever suits you better.
  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase to prevent frizz and retaining moisture.
  • Do not tie your hair too tight.
  • Use a satin or silk scarf to tie up your hair.
  • If you wear hair extensions, remove them before sleeping.
  • Massage your scalp with an appropriate hair product as massaging will boost blood circulation.
  • Do not use elastic or rubber bands, instead use a silk or satin scrunchie that is gentle to hair.
  • Have a humidifier in your room to ensure enough moisture for your hair.

These were some tips and ways to tie hair while sleeping. Your hair is a great asset of your body, take care of it just like you do for your skin and health. 

Happy hair days! 🙂 

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