With the onset of winters comes the debatable question: Should I wash my hair or not?

We all are aware that washing our hair means a long procedure of oiling, shampooing and conditioning, after which comes drying and styling. So sometimes we tend to avoid hair wash because of how lengthy the whole process is. 

Though it gives us momentarily relief it leaves us with greasy hair which is another issue. We can’t have the best of both worlds, we are not Hannah Montana. So what can we do? How to get rid of greasy hair? We will soon find out. 

You don’t get greasy hair just by not washing them, sometimes it can happen after wearing caps or after putting some products in your hair. So we can’t just blame the winter for our problem. 

Leaving our houses with greasy hair can not be an option, so here is what you need to do to quick fix greasy hair.

Quick Fixes to get Rid of Greasy Hair

Below are the fixes to get rid of greasy hair:

1. Fake Shampoos

So we don’t have the time to traditionally wash and then dry our hair. We are not asking to completely ditch the process but only for some days when this isn’t an option you can use a quick fake shampoo. By this we mean you can use dry shampoos. 

Turning Greasy Hair Into Glam Hair
Turning Greasy Hair Into Glam Hair

Using dry shampoo is very easy all you have to do is spray the product on your roots and simply brush it into your hair. It will work like magic giving the necessary volume and the washed look. But beware all good things come with a fair share of cons, don’t entirely depend on it and skip your shampoo routines, as this may dry your hair out. 

2. Caps for the Rescue

So you don’t want to use any product and simply want to hide the fact that you have greasy hair. You can do that by using caps or scarfs over your head. They not just do the job but look extremely cool, if you are a college-going student then you can wear trendy caps.

Turning Greasy Hair Into Glam Hair
Turning Greasy Hair Into Glam Hair

On the other hand, if you are working and can’t wear hats in the office then you can use a stylish scarf, just pull all your hair back, tie it and depend on a scarf over it. It’ll help to hide the greasy hair and give you a new look. 

3. Baby Powder for the Roots

If you are not a big fan of using products on your hair then we have some home remedies for you too. This one is a quick hack that helps you to bring some volume to the hair and remove the oiliness from the hair. 

All you would be needing is baby powder. This one is the most gentle and does the trick of dry shampoo. Just add some powder evenly through your hair and give your hair a good massage to get the product in and dust off the excess product. After this comb, your hair and voila you have non-greasy hair which looks like you just had a hair wash. 

4. Tissue paper or blotting paper

So you know how much important blotting paper Is for our makeup kit. It is used as a quick hack to fix oily makeup, if you have oily skin and don’t want it to ruin your makeup then just add some of this to your bag when heading out, use then when you think you have oil build up. All you do is dab it on your skin and it absorbs all the oil. 

Similarly, you can use blotting paper for your hair. We get greasy hit because the oil glades try to make up for the dryness in your scalp. So to quickly fix greasy hair, just use these on your scalp as you do for your makeup and it will absorb the excess oil. 

If in case you don’t have any blotting paper you can also use tissue paper which will do the job. 

5. The Corn Starch Trick 

Another home remedy to fix greasy hair is by using corn-starch on your scalp. This works just like dry shampoos and baby powder. Corn starch absorbs the extra oil and not just give you volume but also let your hair smell fresh. 

One thing to remember when using corn starch is that it leaves the white cast so people who have very dark hair you need to mix some cocoa powder to it to avoid this situation, other than that it works great for greasy hair. 

6. Backcombing for Volume 

You must have heard about this trick and in desperate times when you have nothing to fix your hair and just a comb then you can use this trick. 

Backcombing is a technique used by hairstylists to add volume to the hair. So in case you are at the office or at a party and your hair looks flat and oily then you can do this to quickly add volume to your hair. For this all you need is your comb, take a section of your hair, pull it up and then start combing towards the roots instead, of going outwards towards the strand. This will instantly add some volume to your hair. 

But don’t use it every time as it can damage your hair in the longer run. 

7. A Blowout

To fix your hair greasy hair quickly you can just blow dry them to add some volume. No, we are not asking you to was your hair first. Simply use a brush to comb your hair and a blow dryer near the roots to do the trick. 

Turning Greasy Hair Into Glam Hair
Turning Greasy Hair Into Glam Hair

So here were some quick and easy ways to get rid of greasy hair. All these methods can be lifesavers when you don’t have the option to wash your hair but as we have said, don’t depend on these as it will only dry your hair out for the long run. 

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