When your sister gets married, you probably experience all the feels. After all, you’re probably overjoyed for your sister, but at the same time, you’re probably going to see her a lot less. Marriage is a momentous occasion that brings the whole family together to celebrate, with so much food, fun, and laughter. But at the end of the day, it’s a bit bittersweet because both families will be seeing a lot less of a family member. 

Thoughts of The Sister of The Bride

If you’re a younger sister you barely have time to think, because you’re so busy. But you probably have a few thoughts on your sister’s wedding, whirling through your brain. Ring any bells?

1. You’re the go-to for everything

From the decor to the dessert, you’re probably the go-to planner for everything. Supervising the dances, making sure the bride’s outfits are runway-ready, and that her makeup is perfect. You’re running interference at the venue and taking the presents up to the right room. Every task, no matter how small or big, probably has something to do with you. You’re trying to get it all under control. You probably won’t have a minute to yourself the whole time!

2. You wonder how the years have gone by

You look at your sister and think, just a few years ago you were kids squabbling over some lipstick. A few years before that, you were fighting over a game of monopoly or playing silly games with each other. Now your sister is going to get married and start a new family, and you feel like it’s amazing (but also kind of scary!) how quickly the time has gone by. Once upon a time, things were so different. But then again, maybe you haven’t changed much after all. You’ll be back to fighting over stupid stuff in no time at all.

Thoughts of The Sister of The Bride
Thoughts of The Sister of The Bride

3. You know all the guest

Your sister is busy being the bride, all glammed up. You’re the one who has to greet everyone, move around the room and make sure everyone is happy and chatty. You might have to do your best acting when you run up against people whose names you should’ve known but still don’t. Your mother’s hundreds of relatives tend to all seem the same, and so do your father’s. You’ll probably need a chart to remember all their names, so you’re just going to have to fake it till you make it!

4. You’re wondering who you’ll turn to for advice

Yes, you and your sister fight all the time, but she was there for you when you cried through your first breakup.  She would share her lunch with you in school and snap back at the bully who teased you. She knows how to braid your hair better than you ever will. She always stood up to your parents for you. Who are you going to turn to now? Yes, she’ll always be there, but busier than ever.

5. You’re worried about all your outfits

Yes yes, the bride has to look the best, but everyone’s going to be looking at the bride’s sister too, right? You need a few new outfits, not just one, and they all need to be perfect and tailored to the color scheme and the occasion. Last-minute size issues and having overindulged in the last dinner buffet might not help you. You’ll have to deal with those things too, as well as make sure everyone else’s outfit is on point! 

6. Hoping you’ll like the bridegroom

Yeah, your sister might like him, but have you spent enough time with him? I mean, is he good enough for your sister? Your standards are pretty high, let’s be honest. Also, he’s not going to interfere in your relationship right? You and your sister have something pretty special, he’d better not try to intrude. But yeah, otherwise he’s probably okay.

7. Getting used to hearing ‘it’s your turn

…And wishing you could tell all those relatives to go away right now. You’re not worried about planning another wedding right now. 

Sister Of The Bride
Sister Of The Bride 

8. Thinking about how much you’ll miss your sister

No matter how much you squabble, you grew up together, and you’ll always love each other. Now you have to get used to being another important person in her life, but not the only important person. It’s going to be a big adjustment. 

But ultimately, it’s going to be a happy moment when she finally gets married, and you’ll be happy for her. You’ll learn to share her!

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