Maintaining a diet is a must if you are in your twenties. This will help to shape your body in the way you want. Now when I say diet you must have a balance of everything. A lot of the population goes for a juice cleanse diet but ‘this is not at all healthy’.

Why Shouldn't Go for A Juice Cleanse?

If you question my statement then go through the following points. I hope they will help me strengthen my side.

1. The Juice is a supplement, not an entree

When you hear of a juice cleanse, most probably you will picture a scenario where people are smiling and substituting their day-to-day meals with juices. They would be sticking to the nutrient-loaded green glasses. Juice cleanse diets will make you feel amazing in the initial but you know what, it will get mad during the process. 

If you get deeper into the essence of diet in our life, then diet is the ‘way of life. And with this, juice cleanse is not a way of life. If you like juice or if you enjoy consuming them then that is not an issue until you take it as a refresher or stress reliever. Everything has a way to be used, and when juices are consumed the way they are supposed to, you will get the best benefits out of them. Intake of juicing recipes and veggies is a perfect adjunct to a meal but not perfect as a diet.

2. Juice Cleanses Don’t Detoxify Anything

Apologies for breaking your preconceived notions but there is zero scientific evidence to act as a pillar to prove that juice cleanses rid your body from toxins. 

Most people prefer to consume juices because they believe that juices will detoxify their body, but I don’t understand why people forget that they have got a well-functioning kidney and a liver to do that job then why on earth do they have to go for something external. 

3. They Don’t Give Your Body Everything It Needs

Our bodies are shaped to fulfill an eclectic amount of nutrients starting with proteins, healthy fats, carbohydrates which I am sure cannot be obtained by consuming only the liquified version of fruits and veggies. You have to go for a wider food choice to cover up your body’s needs. 

4. There Is Very Little Fiber In It

Not to doubt, fruit cleanses provide you with minimal or no fiber. You will seldom hear someone saying that they are full after drinking juice. The reason behind this is, the juicing process extracts or leaves behind something from fruits and veggies that your body needs to feel satiated, and that something is the fiber.  

In case you want to have juice for your breakfast, then I would suggest, using a blender instead of a juicer. This is because a juicer will give you only juice and will leave behind the fiber and the pulp. Whereas, a blender will blend every single part of the fruit. It will provide you juice with fiber, and here I’m enforcing on fiber is only because it is very important for your body. It will make you feel satisfied the whole day.

5. They Will Not Really Help You Lose Weight

With a juice diet plan, you will make your metabolism sluggish. The reason behind such a mishap is that juice cleanse offers you a few calories. In this way, your body will hold on to whatever it can, and this will in no way help you lose weight. Some people gain weight because of this. And luckily if you lose weight then this is not a long-run solution. You cannot have a quick fix for a long period, so you better follow some healthy routine to lose weight.

Juice Cleanse
Juice Cleanse

6. They Can Be Dangerous

Juice and dangerous!!! Are you smitten? Well, you will be smitten if you do not consider the fact that excess of anything may wreak havoc. So the intake of juices in a heavy proportion may harm your body. 

If you have diabetes or problems with blood sugar, or if you’re at a job where you have to physically move your body and be thinking during the day, cleansing might not provide enough nutrients. Overall I hope you understand why you should not be depending completely on a juice cleanse for a healthy diet. You should try not to prefer fads over superfoods. 

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