What you subject your vagina to has also got to do with things you should not do to your vagina . Your vagina might not be like those that are shown in porn movies. You’re who you are and you’re beautiful the way you are. Here is a list of things you should not do to your vagina, ever! Vaginal health and hygiene are of utmost importance and we shouldn’t be employing any kind of methods that pose a threat to the same. In this article, we’ll be talking about a few things that you should not do to your vagina, no matter what. Some of these may appear safe and trendy but according to experts, they are not. Read along to find out! 

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10 Things You Should Not Do To Your Vagina 

Here are the important things that you should not to do with your vagina:

1. Steam

Streaming is one of the things that you should not do to your vagina, despite the increasing discussions about it. It is a trend that has been recently introduced on our horizon. It involves sitting naked in a spa and steaming the vagina with herbal vapor. It is meant to improve blood flow and calming your intimate areas but more often than not, it poses the risk of burning. No beauty treatment is worth any kind of irritation or burning you, down there. The best way to clean your vagina is by using regular soap and water. The soap used should be as mild as it can be, without the presence of harmful chemicals. 

2. Vaseline 

The importance of lubes for easy sexual penetration is known by all. However, using Vaseline is not a good idea. It falls under things that you should not do to your vagina. Vaseline is petroleum jelly and it can cause infections and itching if it enters the vagina. Use water-based or silicone-based lubes that are safe and effective. While focusing on sexual pleasure, don’t undermine safety. 

3. Douches 

Douching is the worst thing that you can expose your vagina to. It is something that you should never do to your vagina. Your vagina doesn’t need to be cleaned with douches. It can hamper the pH level of your vagina and cause infections. It can lead to bacterial vaginosis and PID or pelvic inflammatory disease. Remember, too much cleaning can harm your vagina rather than benefiting it. Don’t overdo it and let its natural lube do the needful. 

4. Fruits or Vegetables 

Fruits or Vegetables
Fruits or Vegetables

Homemade sex toys are fun, but not at the cost of your vaginal health. Fruits and vegetables act as DIY dildos but it’s not safe to put them inside your vagina. The pesticides and other chemicals that are used during their production procedures can cause severe infections and might turn out to be fatal as well. Even if they’re sanitized time and again, it’s not possible to remove all the impurities. Staying away from them is the only alternative since they are things that you should not do to your vagina. 

5. Sharp Objects 

Loving BDSM doesn’t mean inserting sharp objects inside your vagina and cutting yourself, down there. Dildos and vibrators, whether they’re homemade or otherwise, should be carefully chosen. Objects that have pointy or sharp edges should be avoided under all circumstances. A tiny wound can lead to a lot of blood loss and you wouldn’t want that for an area as sensitive as the vagina.

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6. Chocolate Syrup

Licking edible fluids from the insides looks quite appealing in movies and videos but the real scenario is way different. Using sugary products is things you should not do to your vagina. They tend to alter the proportion of bacteria and yeasts inside the vagina and lead to irritation and infections. Edibles are for external applications only and shouldn’t enter the vagina. 

7. Electric Toothbrush 

Electrical objects should be kept away from your inners. These can be used for external stimulation, gently, but that’s all. Penetration using electrical items is not advisable. DIY vibrators are good as long as they provide you with pleasure, not pain and trauma. 

8. Tea-Tree Oil 

Oil-based lubricants are quite common but tea-tree oil falls under things you should not do to your vagina. Household oils like coconut oil, olive oil or even almond oil can be used to lubricate the vagina but tea-tree oil is a caustic alternative. It causes chemical burns if used inside the vagina. There are various types of lubes available in the market and we’re strictly against the use of tea-tree oil even if it’s the last option available.

9. Chemical Treatments 

Chemical Treatments
Chemical Treatments

Much like steaming, certain chemical beauty treatments have become quite popular for treating a tan vagina. Vaginal tan is quite normal, especially, when it comes to Indian skin tone. Dark intimate parts shouldn’t embarrass you. You should be proud of them, instead. There are also certain homemade remedies to fix tan vagina like a mixture of yogurt and honey. Yogurt is often recommended to cure yeast infections as well. However, those are myths. Yogurt is not advisable for internal use and may distort the pH proportions of the vagina and cause infections, instead of treating them. 

10. Your Smartphone 

Technology has gone places and it’s possible to turn your phone into a DIY vibrator in seconds. You just have to install a vibrating app and voila, your brand new sex toy is ready. However, studies have shown that it’s not safe to insert your smartphone into your vagina. It’s fine for external purposes but the phone’s battery is not a reliable object to be granted entry into your body. Even if you use your phone for clitoral stimulation, make sure to cleanse and sanitize it. You wouldn’t want to end up with infections while having a pleasurable time.  


You may have wishes as to a certain way in which your vagina should look but at the same time, there’s nothing above its health. Some precautions have to be taken whether it’s about sexual pursuits or related to beauty. Don’t subject yourself to something that you don’t consciously believe in, just to fit in. Above mentioned are things that you should not do to your vagina at any cost. If you’re guilty of doing any of the above in the past, don’t repeat the same, for your good. 

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