Simple Topics And Things To Talk With Your Crush

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Things to talk about with your crush
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Crushes have the power to make you go crazy, to fasten your heartbeat, and also to change your mood instantly. A crush can make an angry young man cheesy. Similarly, a talkative girl can be speechless in front of him. So, instead of being dumb in front of your crush, prepare yourself with a mouth full of interesting words. Gather the right things to talk about with your crush. 

There are many things and topics to discuss with your crush. Worry not, if you freeze while talking to your crush, here are awesome tips and tricks to impress your hero.

Things to talk about with your crush:

Topics To Talk About With Your Crush

Everyone loves smart and active people. People are automatically attracted to the one with a positive attitude and lively aura. So don’t act dumb and take the help of these topics to talk about with your crush.

  1. Choice

Along with impressing your crush, you will also let him know about you and your choice. Your choice describes your personality. It will depict the person you really are. Choice of color, choice of dress codes, choice of places, and many more. To continue, he will share his choice too. Who knows you might end up having a similar choice with one another. 

2. Opinions

Opinions matter in life and so does in your relationship. Opinions say the character of yours. But remember, stick to your opinion. Do not change your thoughts and beliefs just to impress your crush. 

3. Be Supportive

Whenever you talk to your crush, be supportive. Support him whenever his mood is bad or is serious and worried about any situation. 

4. Share Your Incidents

Many incidents might have happened to you. Some are sharable while others are not. So share some of your funny or interesting events or adventures of your life. 

5. Talk About Your Friends

We all have friends and we all love being with them. We create many unforgettable memories that we will cherish for the entire life. You can share these experiences with him too. Introduce your friends and pals just by describing your incidents. In this way, you don’t even have to introduce your friends to him physically in person before any kind of relationship. 

Things to talk about with your crush

Instead of wondering what to talk about with your crush, you can ask various questions too. 

Questions to ask your crush

6. Which is your current favorite song? 

Many songs and albums are being launched every day. So, this question will never go out of style. You can ask him anytime. But don’t be repetitive. Asking the same question over and over again will make you look like a desperate woman. 

Things to talk about with your crush

7. Which Is Your Favorite Restaurant?

Food is a great topic to talk about. And that follows the topic of restaurants. 

  •  Which is your favorite restaurant?
  •  Which restaurant would you suggest to try?
  • Which dish to try in the restaurant?
  • Which is the special dish of a particular restaurant?
  • What kind of restaurant do you prefer?
Things to talk about with your crush

8. Do You Like Cooking? 

  • Yes! Food can create many questions. 
  • Do you cook? Do you cook well?
  • Are you interested in different cuisines of the world?
  • What kind of dishes do you cook? 
  • I heard that you cook awesome. When will I get the chance to taste it?

9. Books

Books and novels will surely bring you close. Talk about novels and authors. Their writing styles and techniques. Ask him about what books to read. You can suggest the same to him as well. 

10. Tv Shows

Numerous Tv shows run 24*7 in our entertainment box. Ask about his favorite tv show. You can even talk about the recent shows, favorite childhood tv shows, or reality shows. 

11. Hobbies 

Every person has hobbies. Ask him about his favorite hobbies. What are the things that your crush loves the most to do? Some people love to listen to music, read novels, try new restaurants or new delicious foods, and many more. 

12. Places To Go

There are many beautiful places in every corner of the world. Ask him about his favorite spot in your city. Or you can also ask him to guide you to some awesome places that you have not been to. 

13. Current Affairs

Current affairs have millions and millions of questions. Every topic has multiple questions and each question has multiple sub-questions. So if in any circumstances, you are stuck with your words, grab current affairs and negotiate for hours and hours.

14. Childhood 

Ask about their childhood. Every human being has several versions of their childhood. Every 

person has plenty of childhood stories and memories to cherish. They might even have some mischievous tales about their young self. Exchange your memories and cherish it together.

15. Mischievous Questions 

Stop being serious all the time. Take time to enjoy your imaginary power. Ask some silly and wishful questions. For instance

  • What would you do if you were invisible?
  • What would you do if you were “Ambani”
  • What would you do if you had a magic wand?
  • Which character would you play if you got a chance to be on “the Harry Potter” sequel?
  • What will you wish for if you get 3 wishes to make?

16. Ask About His Likes

  • What is the one thing that you love the most about yourself?
  • What is the one thing that you want to change about yourself?
  • What are you good at?
  • What are the things you want to improve?
  • What is the one skill that you wish to learn?
  • What kind of people do you like?
  • What kind of people do you ignore?

17. Fashion

Fashion is always in fashion. It never gets worn out. Ask about his recent fashion trends that he prefers. Whom does he follow? Whose style statement does he pursue? 

Above all, you need to know that whoever gets you, he will surely be blessed. You do not have to work hard to gain attention. You are beautiful, talented, and smart. What else do you need? 

Topics and things to talk about with your crush are abundant. If you are mumbling in front of your handsome crush, take the above-mentioned topics as conversation starters with a crush. Be confident and happy. 

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