Things to Never Wear to a Gym

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Ananya Bhattacharjee
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Going to the gym is a healthy habit, to exercise and to shape up the body. Most people who work out in gyms hardly pay any attention to what outfit they wear to workout. They might think the clothes hardly matter or affect the exercise of the person. But actually, it does!

There are certain things which do not belong to the gym at all. Some of them include the following:

Unfit Bra:

Working out at the gym with an unfit bra is a big no-no. A workout without proper clothing and support is just uncomfortable. A properly fitted sports bra is a must for comfort as we give the body, air to breathe. Wear a bra that has wide straps, which will evenly disperse the weight and won’t cut into the shoulders or cups.


Trying to impress your gym instructor? If not, make up at the gym is the last thing to do. You really don’t want dripping mascara and liquid eyeliner and your foundations smudges in your clothes and face. If you are running to the gym from work, make sure you carry makeup removal tissues and clothes to wipe the makeup from your face.

Unfit Footwear:

Working out in ill-fitted sneakers and shoes will harm your body- not do you any good. Ill fitted shoes will cause pain to your feet because of improper alignment during the workout, it may also lead to injury. Wear a good pair of sneakers or shoes to run the treadmill and have a healthy workout.

Cotton Clothing:

100% cotton clothes ( be it the old t-shirts you hoarded for gym or sleeping) are good at absorbing moisture and also take a long time to dry. This will make you uncomfortable, give you chills and the sweat will also stick to your body making you look bad. So opt for clothes with moisture-wicking fabrics like polypropylene clothes, eg. Yoga pant material.


Workout doesn’t require jewellery. Take off your rings, bracelets, necklaces, nose rings, earrings- they are uncomfortable and distracting in a gym. You seriously don’t want any jewellery to get stuck in any machine or lost in the process of workout.

Untested Tank Tops:

Buying a workout tank top for a dedicated workout is quite a motivating step. But try that clothing before spending the money. though a proper form-fitting tank top for workout having a bra may seem to hold your assets in place for the design, it will end up keeping you in an embarrassing and uncomfortable situation. When you test the top, wear it and bend a much as you can, do some jumping so that you are comfortable when you wear to the gym.


Baggy Sweatpants:

Baggy sweatpants come with drawstrings and are the last piece of clothing you should wear to a gym. The drawstrings may get caught in the workout machine and they make it difficult for you to check your form and shape while working out. Baggy clothing during yoga and stretching is bad.  it will be only too much fabric off your shape and would slow you down during the workout.

Bulky Earphones

The last accessory you need in a gym is bulky earphones that slide off your ears and cause a nuisance in the workout. Get a good pair of earphones that stick to the ears. You don’t want to control your earphones when you are working out, you need them to be in control and not a nuisance.

Having proper gym wear can be quite motivating! It will actually get you in the mood to hit the gym regularly and help you do your exercise perfectly. Get cute and beautiful properly fitted gym clothes and accessories and stick to your gym routine. 

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