In today’s India, the growing GDP has caused significant changes in people’s lifestyles. Now many people have cars. The traffic jams and congestions are evidence for the same. A car is a personal property of a person and reflects their style and demeanour. The condition of the car should be thus maintained and taken care of properly. 

Car Accessories to Make Your Car Feel Opulent

We have curated a list of car accessories that ensure you reflect an impressive style and demeanor to others through your car. You can personalize and customize your car’s interior and add more luxury to it with just a touch of a few items. 

APPUCOCO Mini Car Trash Bin Can Holder Dustbin – Black

Car Accessories
Car Accessories 

Most of the people spend half of the day in their cars, travelling from point A to point B. The increased traffic and congestion make travel time even longer. Thus, the car becomes our second home. It is important to keep our cars clean and tidy. We as responsible, mature, and civilised people won’t throw trash outside our cars. hence, we should keep our cars well organised to accommodate us and our trash. 

This cute mini trash can is just the perfect car accessory all of us need. It is small enough to fit anywhere in the car. It helps keeps your car immaculate and maintains hygiene on the go. Other than for disposing of trash, it can also be used as a mini holder for car fuses and other small stuff. The black bin seems very stylish and fits well with any car’s interior. It is compact, versatile, and portable. It can also be used or carried into your office, study, or bedroom and used for different purposes. 

HIKER Aluminium Metal Portable 360 Degree Rotating Magnetic Mobile Holder

Car Accessories
Car Accessories 

We have become so dependent on our phones that even one day without is unthinkable. It facilitates us with almost every task of our everyday routine. We can step out of our homes without money or anything for that matter but not our phones. We would end up being lost without navigation maps. 

Although, using phones while driving can be dangerous. In fact, it is a crime in India. You can be pulled over by the traffic police if they catch you using phone while driving. Hence, it is very risky and lethal. We need a better and safer option to avoid these unfortunate incidents.

This magnetic mobile holder aids safe driving without any potential risks. You can now place your phone in this holder and use it comfortably. This magnetic holder can move around and rotate 360 degrees. The grip is firm and doesn’t let your phone slip out. There is no clip or bracket application unlike most of the car holders. 

You can mount it on the dashboard from where you can see it perfectly without disrupting your driving view. Paste magnetic sticker that comes with the holder at the back of your phone to create a magnetic force field. The magnets used are strong & powerful, providing a firm grip and ultimate support and maximum safety to your phone.

Even on bumpy roads, it has proved to be the safest mobile holder that provides your mobiles phone maximum protection. The holder is made up of aluminium metal and alloy. It doesn’t break easily like the plastic ones and hence it is durable. The design of this holder is sturdy, smart, and stylish. 

It acts as a perfect accessory for your car and adds a tinge of luxury and richness to it. The holder is compatible with all types of phones, regardless of the mobile brands and their sizes. The holder has a strong 3M adhesive sticker at the bottom that prevents the holder from slipping off the dashboard. 

Get this holder today to have a safe and comfortable driving experience. 

NIKAVI Portable Leather Rectangular Tissue Cover Box Holders Case Pumping Paper (RED LINE)

Car Accessories
Car Accessories 

Every wise person maintains their car and keeps it organized. A smart person’s car always has the mandatory accessories that make the car ride a comfortable one. One such mandatory car accessory is tissue box. Almost everybody knows that a tissue box is a must and ensures that they have one. But having a disposable card tissue box can let the dust slid inside the box and make the tissues unusable. What would be the point of having them in the first place then? It would not only waste the product but also your money.

This leather tissue box cover prevents such things from happening. It covers your tissues and prevents the dust from settling inside it. The box doesn’t weigh much and is very light. It can easily be carried along anywhere you go. The beautiful PU faux leather with attractive red stitching on it excels style, fashion, and luxury. It adds a hint of opulence and style to your car. Also, it blends perfectly with the royal interior of your car. This box is durable and compact. 

It can easily find a place in your car without demanding too much of it. Besides that, the box doesn’t cost much and is affordable by all. When was the last time you found luxury available in cheap? We will remind you, never! It is your only chance to get it. So, what are you waiting for? Place your order already.

Gold Art India Silver Plated Terracotta Pagdi Ganesha Idol

Car Accessories
Car Accessories 

In India, Hindus believe that it is good for us to pray lord Ganesha before beginning anything. Having an idol of Ganesha is compulsory in most Hindu temples. Even before praying to the other gods and goddesses. Thus, you would even notice many cars having an idol of Lord Ganesha on their dashboards. If you also believe in the same and are looking for an idol for your car, you have come to the right place.

This idol of Lord Ganesha in white and silver appreciates the royalty and art of Indian culture. The lustrous idol with perfectly crafted curves and edges makes the idol look rich and sophisticated. The choice of colours used is perfect for a luxurious car.

This idol has tarnish resistance for 3 to 5 years. The size of this idol is pretty small and just right for putting it on the dashboard of your car. This idol is the epitome of the perfect blend of elegance, opulence, and culture. Get this idol today before it stocks out!