Love keeping your nails short, but have no idea just how to make them look cute too? Well, relax and lay back cause we are about to blow your mind with this article. 

Every person with short nails knows they are so much easier to maintain. And now you don’ t even need to worry about them not looking nice in comparison with the long shiny nails because after reading this article you will be able to make your nails look even better than those!

Nail Manicures
Nail Manicures

Short Nail Manicure Designs

Here are some of the best short nail manicure designs you can try out

1. Turquoise with a dash of gold

Get the royal touch of beautiful turquoise and gold stones on your cute short nails with this manicure. All you need for this is a turquoise polish, some gold polish, and a plastic wrap. After applying the turquoise on your nails, apply some gold on a crushed plastic wrap and dab slightly onto your nails to create the desired look.

2. Graffiti Time

Just like a graffiti can transform a boring old wall into a piece of art, it can make your short nail manicure look like a piece of art too. This gold and black dual-tone manicure is fairly easy to achieve and doesn’t need any special tools. To get this graffiti nail art look, wipe off extra nail polish from the brush and swipe on random stripes onto your black painted nails. And you are done!

3. Pinstripes And Chill

Pinstripes, but way cooler than the office stripes. This super chic pinstripe short nail manicure only requires a nail striper in addition to your nail polishes. After applying on the white, with your favorite color, draw thin stripes. If you want to take it up a level, you can also use different colors for different nails, but keep in mind to paint your nails with pastel colors to keep it looking aesthetically pleasing.

4. The Iconic Heart Inception 

Let the nails spread some love to the world! This short nail manicure can be achieved simply by drawing one heart within another, using different shades of your favorite pinks. And ladies this is how we do it!

5. Splash Of Paint

Unleash the inner artist in you! To create this paint splash look, you will only need paint and all the nail colors of your choice. The first step, paint your nails white. Then, take any other nail color onto a brush and dip it in a cup of water. Using your fingers spray the color on the brush onto your nails. Repeat it for all the other colors so that you get the amazing splash of paint art right on your nails.

6. Peek-A-Boo And Monochrome

This is the manicure to go for all the seasons. Why do you ask? Because there’s no way you can go wrong with black and white. All you need to do for this manicure design is to paint your nails white and outline a curved crescent. Then just fill it in with black polish and finish with a topcoat.

7. The Ombre Effect

Do we even need to say something about the Ombre effect? Hair, clothing, nails – it’s like it’s everywhere. For this short nail manicure design, you need to first paint your nails a pale pink. Next up, on your makeup sponge, apply colors from blue to purple in progression, just so when you dab it on your nails, it will create you the desired Ombre effect. Then clean off any extra nail polish on your fingers with a Q-tip and dazzle up the finish with a coat of glitter.

8. The Pink Autumn

This short nail manicure will get you in all your feelings. Start with a pastel pink base, and black polish on a nail striper, then use it to create one side of a leaf on your ring finger. Proceed using white polish, and then do the same for the other side of the leaf. To add a little cherry on top, coat on some silver glitter where the black and white meet. For all the remaining nails, make stripes and polka dots using the same colors.

These were all the nail looks you can try this season to make your short nail manicure beautiful and put those other long nails to shame! 

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