We women are always so conscious about our body and worry about how our body looks when we wear something. But again, we love to eat and tantalize our taste buds. This is where the problem starts and we end up struggling with the fat in our bellies and love handles. 

Making the belly fat go away needs some serious workout and diet check which may not be always possible, honestly speaking. If only the belly fat could disappear overnight or there was some magic pill! 

Things to Have in Wardrobe to Hide Belly Fat

So, today I will share some hacks that you can try out if you want to hide your belly fat and look fabulous without worrying about the bulging belly fat. Wearing the right clothes according to body shape and type creates an illusion. 

Let’s get started!!

1. A Good Body Shaper

A Good Body Shaper
A Good Body Shaper

Shapers make your body look slimmer instantly. The great thing about a shaper is that you can wear it underneath any clothes. There are various types of shapers available in the market. Shapers are a real gem when it comes to hiding your belly fat and loves handles.

2. High Waist Jeans & Pants

High Waist Jeans & Pants
High Waist Jeans & Pants

Until your belly fat goes away, forget about your mid-waist and low-waist jeans and pants. Say hello to the high-waist jeans and pants. A tip that will come in handy – Always go for black ones or darker shades. 

3. Wrap flowy dress

Wrap flowy dress
Wrap flowy dress

I know body con dresses are way more hot and bold than wrap flowy dresses. You can style yourself up wearing a wrap flowy dress as well with a chic piece of jewelry and pretty heels. Moreover, wrap dresses are in fashion if you check your favorite Instagrammers. The best part of wearing wrap flowy dresses is you won’t feel suffocating. Best for the spring and summer season. 

4. Wrap Top

Wrap Top
Wrap Top

Wrap tops are your lifesavers in terms of your belly fat of course. Flaunt the deep neck style of wrap tops with a pretty pendant or choker. 

5. Peplum Top with a Cinched Waist

Peplum Top with a Cinched Waist
Peplum Top with a Cinched Waist

Another way to hide your belly fat in plain sight is with peplum tops. Some peplum tops come with a cinched waist look that will give a flattering look to your body.

6. Fit and Flared Kurtis

If you like to wear Kurtis, go for the fit and flare style Kurtis always! The flared style in the Kurti goes well if you want to hide your belly fat. Straight style Kurti is difficult to pull off with your belly bulge and love handles. 

7. Loose Fit Top or Shirt

Tight-fitting tops or shirts are to be avoided at any cost if you want to look slimmer in the waist area. Put on your high waist jeans and a loose-fit top or shirt along with some heels or flats. To give a classy look wear a nice pair of earrings or pendant to complete the look. 

8. High Waist Skirts

High waist skirts are your best bet if you don’t feel like wearing jeans or trousers. Now, you can go for pencil skirts, pleated skirts as well. Keep in mind to put on your body shaper always. I think pleated skirts are safer and more comfortable to wear than a pencil skirt if you have some belly fat. 

9. Tunic Dresses or Top

You can consider a tunic dress to hide belly fat as one of the most versatile clothing you will ever get to wear. The tunic designs are available in the form of both dresses and tops. Get one of these and go out without any second thoughts. 

10. Choose your Panties Wisely

The type of panties you choose to wear makes a lot of difference as well. If you have a bit of belly fat, it is wise to stick to high waist panties. Also, always go for the lacy underwear, be it high waist or low waist. Lacy ones are more breathable and comfortable.

11. Go black

Black is an evergreen color in the world of fashion. Most importantly, wearing black clothing helps a lot to hide any unwanted bulge in your body. 

12. Ponchos

Add a poncho to your wardrobe as well. Ponchos are a great way to hide belly fat. Nowadays, the top brands have introduced more improvised and styled ponchos to make a fashion statement. You will notice that some of your fav celebs also have rocked in ponchos. 

So, get ready to get these essentials in your closet if you want to look slimmer without having to work hard. Now, this doesn’t mean that you won’t work out or control your diet. Until you are ready with the perfect flat tummy or ready to go with a healthy diet, these hacks will rescue you.

Take care♥ 

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