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The trip
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While Watching movies like Dil Chahta hai and Zindagi na Milegi Dobara, guys have been entitled to an opportunity to imagine their own fantasies and scenarios for their dream road trip. However, Girls have been longing and just dreaming without any scenarios to relate to. The wait was over when The Disney India’s youth entertainment brand Bindass announced its very first fictional Web Series ‘The Trip’ on the 15th of December,  2016. 

The Lakshya Raj Anand directed web series is an incredibly interesting & vivacious portrayal of 4 girlfriend’s life   while they take a trip from India to Thailand together. This girl oriented series makes you feel happy, relatable, excited, and mournful yet keeps you stuck to your couch for more. 

The Trip Season 2 returned with the same star cast except Lisa Haydon who was replaced by Amyra Dastur. This new season was located in a wedding set up where the bride is planning to run away!! This exciting showcase of the storyline is a must watch with more thrill and adventure. Let us enthrall you by exposing you to the details of both of the seasons that are immensely impressive and makes you run to binge watch the same!


Cast & Characters 

  • Shwetha Tripathi 

as Ananya the one who is going to get married and seems to be all happy about it but has kept a secret in her heart. 

  • Sapna Pabbi 

as Sanjana who is an yoga instructor, disciplined and an introvert who has had a dark troubled past that has kept her restricted to feel and live freely.

  • Malika Dua 

as Nazia, the boldest amongst all and even the funniest, but even she has her insecurities. Though she lives by herself unapologetically.

  • Lisa Haydon 

as Shonali who is an amateur music composer and the one who sucks at making decisions, has vivid dreams and is still in the process of finding her rhythm.


The storyline of the series revolves around four girlfriends who plan to take a road trip from India to all the way to Thailand for Ananya’s bachelorette party. The four girls kick start their road trip to Thailand making reckless decisions, acting like immature kids and living it to the fullest with loads of fun. Alongside the fun, drama and memories, they go through a few mishaps, some realisations and acceptances and this indeed bound them to come even closer, together. While Ananya wishes to go on a road trip to live life wildly on her own terms, Nazia enjoys being with all her girlfriends and Sanjana tries facing her fears while being  on the journey. Shonali wishes to go to Thailand to attend the music festival to get a sense of sound in her life.

Why must you watch it?

This Web Series is a complete package of fun & drama, adventure & mishaps,  stories & histories, content and emotions. While most of the filmmakers favourite topics to be filmed are road trips and bachelorette but this one feels unusually fresh that has the ability to grab your attention and leaves them to have more and more of it. 

Talking about the road voyage from India to Thailand, the cinematography of the series is incredibly commendable as it goes on to capture the scenic beauty and aesthetics of India to Thailand Journey. 

This well studded star cast has actors adapted into their respective characters with great ease and effortlessly. Each character having their own stories and personalities came out to be different from each other and managed to present it wonderfully. You laugh, cry and will surely come for more.


  • The friendship you get to witness in this series makes your heart crave for the same.
  • The way the road trip has been displayed beautifully gives you a commendable visual pleasure to view the scenes.
  • All the four characters will make you relate to them in some way or the other due to the strong personality portrayal of their independent self. Each of them connects to the audience in some way.
  • It’s a power pack of emotions and a drama fictional series that keeps you hooked to your seat.


Cast & Character 

  • Amyra Dastur As Ira

This season has the old trio of Ananya, Sanjana, and Nazia. However, Amyra makes her debut as playing Ira in this season who is Nazias cousin and also bride to be or you’d rather say, bride-on-the-run who is good with numbers that also gives her apprehension.

The trip


The second season begins with a wedding set up where Ananya, the previous bride to be, is now married. And the old trio of Ananya, Sanjana and Nazia are in Tamil Nadu to attend Nazia’s cousin’s wedding,Ira. As Nazia goes to Ira to get her to the mandap, Ira is actually on her way to run away from the site due to her apprehensions regarding the high number of divorce rates happening in today’s world. As Ira convinces Nazia in her decision, Nazia includes Ananya and Sanjana to help her runaway. All of them meet outside the wedding set up.

But where do they want to go?

What’s special about this season?

This Season directed by Sonam Nair brings you a new vision with  another level of adventure, new stories and new concept that makes it different than season one yet with more relatability and fun. The Trip 2 shall remind you everything you have once might have thought of doing or planned to do with your girlfriends. The wedding drama has added new flavour to the series with other sets of problems, fears and life that is discussed in the season that makes you go crazy for the same!


  • This series is impressive and catches the attention from its storyline from the very first episode.
  • The wedding set up fiction makes the  season interesting with a lot of cliffhangers at the end of every episode that makes your heart skip a beat. 
  • The apprehensions, fears talked about makes you feel you’re not the only one to feel something.
  • It shall remind you of every chick flick you’ve come across and something you’ll keep coming back to.

So go on to try the series consisting of 2 seasons, 10 episodes of 15 mins each. This cute mini web series shall take your heart away in the most loveliest way and keeps you in awe as you witness love, friendships , fears and life! . It makes you crave for the best trips you could imagine, and well you got your zindagi na milegi dobara kind of relatability from this fictional drama. Go on to watch the same for the love of endless fun, usual drama, hilarious friendships, exciting adventures and lively & lovely dreams.

Check out the series here.

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