You see all these articles and videos and blogs about staying fit and eating healthy and working out for a great and healthy body every day these days. Even though you have got a job from 9 to 5, If you want to work out, you can get your muscles burning even when you are in the office working at a desk all day long by the following chair exercises.

Are you interested in finding some chair exercises that can be completed while sitting down at work or home? These chair exercises that you can do while sitting down are perfect for anyone working from a desk or spending a maximum of the day in a chair.

Chair Exercises You Can Do While Sitting Down

Here are the various chair exercises that you can do while sitting down. 

1. Calf muscle toning

Give your calf muscles a great chair workout by raising your legs to the very tips of your toes while remaining seated. Your calf muscles will start to burn after a few seconds. For this, hold for ten seconds, return to the starting position, and then repeat eight times.

2. Clenches

The beauty of this chair exercise is that you aren’t getting up and no one knows that you are secretly fitting in a workout. For buns of steel, clench your buttocks and hold for about ten seconds. Do 5 sets of eight reps.

Chair Exercises
Chair Exercises 

3. Ankle Rotations

This chair workout can strengthen the flexibility of your ankles and make you less likely to suffer from sprains. Simply rotate your ankles in both directions for 5 seconds. Do 5 sets of eight reps in each direction.

4. Arm stretches

Just because you’re placed at your desk doesn’t mean your arms can’t do anything they want. Many arm exercises can be performed while being seated at your desk.  Stretch the muscles in your right arm by reaching as far to the left as you can with your right arm while also supporting it in the crook of your left elbow and then holding it there. Keep in mind to keep your arms straight to get the best stretch that you can. Feel the stretch for 5 seconds. Do 8 reps before switching over to your left arm.

5. Rotating at the waist

You can strengthen your core by rotating at the waist while remaining seated.  Get into the proper position by sitting with your legs shoulder-width apart and your knees bent over the edge of your chair. It is almost like a wall sits position, but you are sitting in your chair. Rotate as far to the left as you can and hold your position for 5 seconds, then repeat on the right. Grab the backrest of your chair with your hands for added support. Complete 5 sets of 5 seconds on each side.

6. Crunches

Slide to the edge of your chair with your feet on the ground. Lean back on your backrest. Then lift your straightened legs a few inches above the ground and also raise your back a few inches off the backrest. Feel the burn in your abdominal muscles and hold for 10 seconds. If this is difficult, bend your left knee a bit or you can also bend your right knee a bit. 8 reps of 10 seconds each can strengthen your core significantly when done regularly.

7. Leg Lifts

Starting with both your feet flat on the floor, do leg lifts, starting first with the right leg and then the left. Lift your left leg until it touches the underneath of your desk.  Return to your initial position and repeat with your other leg. Do 10 sets of eight reps to toughen your thigh muscles and your core.

Being busy is never any excuse to not stay fit. Although you should always try to make time for proper cardio and weight training, never forget that there are many other ways you can include these chair exercises into your routine by doing this at the office or even workout at home. 

Be sure to always stay hydrated by keeping a water bottle with you at your work.  Eat healthy foods and keep a track of what you eat. Doing a couple of simple chair exercises every day while sitting down in the office each day when done regularly, will help to improve your flexibility, muscle tone, and strength.

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