We all have regrets, but tattoo regrets are on a whole new level. Got a tattoo while you were drunk and have no memory of it? Well then, welcome to the club. 

Jokes apart, if you wish to get a tattoo removed, then this is the ultimate guide for it and will give you a tour for the entire process, from the tattoo removal cost to its aftermath. 

Getting a tattoo removed is not a decision you should make in haste, because just like you regret getting that SpongeBob tattoo after losing a silly bet, you might regret removing it just as much if you don’t keep everything regarding the process in check. 

How Exactly is a Tattoo Removed? 

Fortunately, you have a couple of options to opt for while getting a tattoo removed. But because the tattoo ink is beneath the top layer of your skin, it is safe to say that the process tends to be more complicated than getting inked. And more expensive. 

The most common technique of tattoo removal is by laser, wherein a high-intensity light beam is used to break down the pigment of the ink that is placed under the layer of your skin. 

The process doesn’t need to get completed in just one session, so you might have to visit the tattoo clinic a couple of times till your tattoo disappears fully. But the main deciding factor tends to be the placement and size of your tattoo, so depending on that, you might or might not need to visit the studio more than once. 

Another way is by getting a small surgery; during the surgical removal of your tattoo, you are first given an anesthetic to numb that particular part of your skin, after which your tattoo is removed with the help of a scalpel. The skin is stitched back after the procedure gets completed. 

This often tends to leave a tattoo removal scar and it is not advised for removing big tattoos. 

Dermabrasion is yet another surgical method through which an unwanted tattoo is removed from your skin with the usage of a medical grinding tool that helps in removing the outer layer of the skin in a way that the part of the skin that is inked gets removed. 

This is how a tattoo removal process usually takes place. But a common question arises, is tattoo removal painful? 

tattoo removal
Remove Your Tattoo

The basic answer to that question is that it depends on the size of your tattoo, and on which body part has it been placed. But it also tends to depend on which way you are planning on getting it removed. 

Although laser removal involves some kind of pain during the process, the surgical methods showcase signs of dryness and pain after the process has been done. But the latter will give you a tattoo removal scar, whereas the former is less likely to do so. 

How Expensive is it? 

Pretty expensive to say the least. The tattoo removal process tends to be way more complex than the process of getting a tattoo. This is why it is also more expensive. 

Although it depends on the mode of surgery, size, and place of the tattoo, the average tattoo removal cost is as follows: 

  • Approximate cost of laser removal – $463
  • Approximate cost of surgical removal – around $150 to $350
  • Approximate cost of dermabrasion – about $1300

Pretty costly, but well, you have to sacrifice something to get something. 

But the good news is that you don’t have to go with the most expensive method because laser removal is considered to be safer than the other ways. 

The Results 

The tattoo removal before and after might not always be as per your expectations because even after removing a tattoo through surgery or laser, it might not fade away entirely; usually with some sessions, the tattoo disappears completely but in some instances, it might take more time for it to fade away totally. 

It also depends on the pace and ability of your skin to heal and adapt. 

Apart from a possible tattoo removal scar, the color of your skin, the area surrounding the tattoo, might or might not experience slight changes. 

Healing Procedure

The tattoo removal process can be too much to take at times if your skin is very delicate. And even if it isn’t, it is strictly recommended to take utmost care of your skin after getting a tattoo removed because your skin tends to go through a lot of changes in tattoo removal before and after. 

Here are certain tips to quicken your healing process and some to avoid as much as possible: 

  1. Stay hydrated.
  2. Don’t expose the treated area of the skin to the sunlight too much.
  3. Avoid picking your skin at all costs.
  4. Apply the prescribed ointment regularly.
  5. Do not touch that area of skin a lot to avoid chances of any type of infection.
  6. Don’t expose the area completely to water until and unless it has healed completely.
  7. Avoid high-pressure water while bathing.
  8. If you see an infection or blister forming around that part of the skin, contact your dermatologist.

So, the next time you are on the verge of getting a new tattoo, think it through because it’s futile to get inked only to get rid of it later. And if you are getting too indecisive, then go for a temporary tattoo instead. 

And always seek a trusted and safe dermatologist for your tattoo removal and inquire him/her thoroughly regarding the tattoo removal cost, potential risks, the aftermath, etc., before going ahead with the surgery. It is always better and safer to be prepared and informed. 

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