Being a mom you will want nothing but the best for your little one and you have finally decided to switch from breastmilk to formulas. Unfortunately, not every child welcomes the change with a happy face. In this article, we have noted down all the points that you need to know before the change and also some experienced tricks to help you! So, loving mommy, ready to rule out the negative possibilities?

Is switching the correct choice? When should I switch from breastmilk to formula? 

This must be one of your first doubts. Breastfeeding is always encouraged till the age of 6 months but beyond that, you can start decreasing the frequency of breastfeeding. Formulas are also completely healthy and have all the nutrition that your baby needs. The time of switch completely depends on you. There can be various reasons for a switch including medical reasons, personal convenience or not having enough breast milk. Irrespective of the reason, switching to formulas is perfectly fine. You can switch to formulas fully or continue with both of them. However, if you are planning for the first option, it is recommended that you switch gradually and not all at once. 

How Should I Introduce The Formulas? 

Switch To Formula From Breastmilk
Switch To Formula From Breastmilk

Another crucial question. Yes, you should indeed be careful with this. Do not switch all at once. Switching slowly and gradually will help both you and your baby. Your breasts are used to producing a certain amount of milk and if you suddenly stop breastfeeding your baby, it may make your breasts sore and turn out to be very painful. Transitioning slowly will get your body used to lower levels of breast milk production and make it more convenient for you. 

The same goes for your baby, a sudden change might not be well accepted by her. Drop sessions one by one according to your preference. You may start with the day sessions since many babies do not like to give up morning and bedtime sessions at the very beginning. 

If your baby is already used to the bottles, it might help! Babies who are used to drinking from the bottle, even if it is the breast milk itself will probably be more welcoming to formulas. Also, if your baby is already eating solids, it may be easier to convince her Another trick can be letting someone else offer them the formula ( they should be someone your baby loves). If you are not in sight, your baby might get over the breast and be more welcoming to the bottle. 

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How should I Use Both Formula and Breast Milk? 

Undoubtedly, this is the best option. Your baby can get the formula according to your convenience and she can also enjoy the healthy breast milk and your nursing at times. While some babies do not have any problem and are happy with both, some may be different. Some babies prefer only formulas once they are introduced to them due to the ease and better taste. Others might cherish the nursing while breastfeeding and the familiarity with it too much to leave it easily. 

If your baby is unwelcoming to formulas, you can try holding her the same way as you do while breastfeeding and feed her with the bottle yourself. One way to maintain both can be to give her formulas when you are away from her and when you finally get home, you can cuddle your little one while treating her to the breast milk. 

Switch To Formula From Breastmilk
Switch To Formula From Breastmilk


  • If you have long working hours, your milk production may automatically decrease with time due to long hours of gap. To avoid this, you can try pumping a little in between to maintain the flow. If you want to stop breastfeeding completely, try decreasing the frequency of the pumping sessions to have a smooth split-up.
  • After the baby has completely switched, mothers often feel that they are growing apart from their little ones. If you feel so too, you can give her more time and play with her, read to her or sing her to bed. This will maintain the attachment and you will still be as close.
  • For the bottle, you may choose one with a wider base so that your baby can hold onto it easily.
  • Do not introduce cow milk before your baby turns 1. Sooner introduction may deprive her of the essential nutrients that are present in breast milk and formulas.

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