It is crazy to think that there once was a time when people who worked late hours, extra shifts and worked extra from home were sung off like work heroes because working extra was seen as dedication in the work field. In recent years, however, people have become more inclined to switch off from work. This is what you will relate to. Most people have a tough time getting off from work. They just cannot seem to figure out how to switch off. This is especially more problematic when we are stuck at home because of the nation-wide lockdown as a measure against the spread of coronavirus.

People working from home really have not many options to unload or chill after they are done with their work. But we are here to save the day with our tips that will help you to switch off from work when working from home.

Tips to Take Leap From Work From Home

Here are some of the best tips that you can take for getting leap from work from home

1. Stop Thinking

 Stop Thinking
 Stop Thinking
  • A common method is to divert your thoughts and attention to anything unconnected with your work. You can start by taking off your watch and turning off data on your mobile phone.  This is because both these things represent that you are in downtime.
  • Or you can take some time to do something absolutely different from every other task that you normally do. You can do some experimenting with watercolors or coloring pencils, or any coloring material, and get into one of your sketch/coloring books.
  • You can put on some soothing music and have a warm drink.
  • For many people, physical activity might prove to be a great way to switch off from work. You can exercise a quick workout session, meditation, yoga, or even some dancing while you’re at it.
  • One more tip is that every day you can take only and only 30 minutes to reflect on the day and plan for tomorrow. This way you know that tomorrow’s work is in hand and therefore can’t stop thinking about what needs to be done.

The Challenges of Working From Home 

In a situation where work from home is the only option, the challenges of such an arrangement become obvious.  For example, people always feel the temptation to continue to work beyond their standard work hours. In such situations, you are advised to completely switch off your laptop and phone and put them away. You can also consider packing them in your office bag. This way will help you to not get distracted and turn your laptop or phone on after work hours.

How to Switch on Again 

  • Just as important as switching off is so is being able to switch back to work mode. If you usually have a slow or disorganized start to your working day, you won’t be able to impress your superiors or if you have more focused colleagues.  Good organization and preparation are vital for switching on successfully for work.
  • Thinking ahead will help you to get into the swing of things after some time. For example, you can devote the last task of your day to make a scheduled to-do list for the next day. This will keep you organized.
  • There are some strategies that you can use for example:
  • Morning routine: Drink water and coffee, eat breakfast, do a little spiritual self-care, do some workout, once you have checked all of those things off from your to-do list, you will know the only thing to do now is work!
  • Activities in the day: You can help increase your productivity if you take some time in the day for some recreational activities like painting, creative writing, sketching, etc. These will help your brain relax and will lead to increased productivity.
  • Organize your day: You can organize your day according to the work. For example, if you have a wide variety of things to get done in a day, you can divide the work and do them in some parts of the day. For example, if you have to do cleaning around the house you can do it early in the morning, have an evening break with some tea and recreational activity, and get some work done by night.

These were the methods you can adopt to switch off and switch on according to your work requirement. It is advised to not overload yourself with too much work and practice a steady schedule. This will help keep work going accordingly and also avoid any stress.

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