Detoxing Your Soul

Sometimes, life gets really hard in this day and age of hustle culture. Women are always caught up with something or the other. By day, you might be hard at work trying to angle for that promotion. Then you come home after a long day of work, and make dinner and tuck the kids into bed. Or maybe you’re single and in your 20s, and you’re really struggling with life and trying to find a proper direction, unhappy with your job but still trying to make the most of it.
At these times, it’s difficult to slow down and appreciate what you have. You might not even have the time to slow down, because you always feel like you’re part of the rat race. It sounds like you might need to think about detoxing your soul. You need to take some time to yourself, to allow yourself a kind of mental cleansing so you feel more able to take on the challenges of life. How do you go about detoxing your soul, then?

1. Do a huge cleanout

It doesn’t matter if it’s not spring cleaning time. Many people don’t mind living in cluttered homes, and anyway, they rarely have time to do a thorough cleanout. But you’ll be surprised how great it can be for your mental health, and it’s a big step towards detoxing your soul. Set aside a day – or a number of days, if required – to finish up all the things that have been bugging you at home, and cleaning it up.

Get rid of old clothes and jewelry and makeup, put stuff in piles for repair, throw out things that no longer have value or give you joy (as Marie Kondo would say!), and you’ll be surprised how relieved you are that these things are no longer taking up space in your brain. It’ll also make it easier for you to work.

2. Do a digital detox

Detoxing your soul includes getting some distance from your digital addiction. You need a digital detox. All of us are addicted to our phones in this day and age, and it seems kind of inevitable. Our work lives and personal lives exist on our phones.

But you’ll be surprised how much that can harm your mental health; looking at skinny people on Instagram or simply wasting hours mindlessly scrolling on Facebook can’t be too good for us. Spend a day doing things without your phone, or maybe just a few hours a day, if possible. Do some reading, take a walk, or cook your favorite dish. You’ll be surprised how much you get done when you do a digital detox. 

Detoxing Your Soul
Detoxing Your Soul

3. Have a day to yourself

We’re constantly interacting with others, and that’s a good thing! But sometimes it can all get a bit too much, and you need some time to yourself, to do things with yourself. Learn to enjoy the time you spend alone, because you’ll be dealing with yourself for the rest of your life! Do your favorite things and don’t do any work. Go to a film, go to your favorite restaurant, go to a bookstore. Just spend some time consciously with yourself, and you’ll feel refreshed. You need some relaxation! 

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4. Meditate

This is a great de-stressor if you’re already habituated to meditating occasionally. Meditation really relaxes you and engages you with your own body and breathing patterns. You’re able to forget about things which make you anxious, and it helps stabilize your mental health immensely. If you’re not a regular meditator, you can give guided meditation a try; there are plenty of audios and videos to test out. It’s definitely a way to try detoxing your soul. You’ll feel much less stressed out.

5. Take a hike

A lot of people find a sense of calm and peace when they’re in beautiful, green places. It doesn’t have to be as drastic as an actual hike, although that can help people blow off steam too. If you’re stressed out, you can simply go to the local park and sit in the greenery for some time, or go for a picnic to a public garden, or something similar. It helps you get out of your own toxic headspace and feel refreshed. It’s really like a balm to the soul.

Detoxing Your Soul
Detoxing Your Soul

You might be skeptical about the efficacy of detoxing your soul, but you should definitely give some of these a try. Detoxing your soul is as important as detoxing your body. Especially on days when you’re feeling a bit low or stressed out, it can be a really good thing to give your mental health and your soul a bit of love. Everyone needs a break once in a while, and so do you.

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