Jogging is basically the first step towards running. It is one of the best exercises you can do to keep yourself fit and active. Running make the heart pump at a fast pace and that leads to genuine blood flow throughout the body. Running is basic for fitness. It shakes the whole body muscles and gradually leads to fat loss. It burns calories and makes a well-toned body. Exercises in the gym, or having a personal trainer is not affordable for everyone.

Well, following running basics can do all for you completely free of cost. The best time to run is early in the morning or in the evening when the sun rises or at the time when the sunsets. Run or jog at the time when the sun is not at the top of your head. Otherwise, it will eat up your energy very fast and will exhaust you. It will not be effective and you will not get the results you expected. 

Here are some of the easy running basics for beginners. Follow these tips on how to start a running routine and it will be easier for you as the day passes. 

Running Basics for Beginners

Here are some basic running tips for beginners 

1. Warm-up 

Before doing any kind of exercise, one should always warm up the body. Warming up makes the body move freely and opens up the blocks. This step is one of the running basics which helps in proper blood flow and becomes easier for the person to run especially for beginners. 

Even an expert or an athlete does warm-up for better performance. This is the proper way to start a running routine. Warming up the body makes it easier to do all sorts of exercises including running and also gives a glimpse of confidence. 

Short distance

As for beginners, do not take a long-distance run. Start with short distances. Exercises do not mean that your body should suffer hardship and pain. Simply start running for as much distance as you can and then take some break from running by walking for a short while. 

Again after waking for a short interval of time, start running. But do remember, you are not punishing your body. So begin your running habit at a slow pace. Gradually decrease the period of interval and run. 

Running Basics for Beginners
Running Basics for Beginners

2. Slow and steady

As the great well-known proverb states, “Slow And Steady Win The Race”, now is the time to prove it right. Another one of running basics is that, starts running slowly. Run slowly but run till the end. This technique will give you better results than running at a high speed and not getting until the end. 

As I already mentioned earlier, about not punishing your body, it is very important that the body should be able to cope up with the running routine and the speed. People generally tend to work out fast and hard as much as possible for them but end up either hurting themselves or not completing the task. 

This way of running is not much effective. But running at a regular pace and gradually increasing the speed is way more beneficial.  

3. Take a break

How’s the josh? High.!  Awesome! But take a break. Run two days in a row and take a break for a day. Give some time to your body to get used to the fact that it is on the path to fitness. Experts say it is not appropriate to exercise without taking any rest.

Proper rest of the body is as essential as exercise for fitness. At the beginning you can take two days off each week for a month, then one day off a week. And then as you get used to the running routine, take one day off a month. 

4. Choose your surface

Love what you do. Or in this case, at least choose the place you love to jog. Pavements are good but only when there is traffic. Pavement blocks are sometimes not evenly laid out which makes it difficult to run smoothly. And also it seems irritating when there are more people on the pavement. 

In short, it is not convenient to run or jog on the pavement. Apart from the pavement, you can jog in the side of the road, that too also during the early morning when there is no traffic. It is not safe to run on the busy roads even in the morning. There can be chances of an accident. One of the best options is parks or fields. 

Parks and fields have huge areas for jogging and playing. I personally say that this is the best place you can go for a run. You even get to breathe fresh air, catch up with your friends, and make new ones too. But if you want some alone time, then there is always another option. It is none other than the treadmill. You can personally get it to your place or join a gym. 

5. Diet

Diet is very important in all forms. Make sure that you are on a proper diet every day. Never skip a healthy meal. Eat lots of vegetables, meat and have milk. Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and fibers are very essential to have a healthy body.

A healthy body is can run or jog properly and will have the stamina for any physical activity. Never forget to drink water. Stay hydrated. Also, grab some fruits or fresh fruit juice. Always go for the freshly squeezed juices instead of the packaged products. 

6. Footwear

Your footwear plays an important role while jogging. Wear a comfortable shoe that suits your feet. There are a variety of sports shoes or jogging shoes. Grab your favorite shoe from your favorite brand and that will make your feet happy. 

Along with your shoe, take care of your socks. Wear clean and soft socks while jogging. If your footwear, either the shoe or the sock, is not feet friendly, your feet will be killing you with pain by the end of the day. 

On the other note, please do not expect to see an immediate result or set very high bar expectations as it might disappoint you. Don’t get demotivated easily. Do follow the above running basics regularly. Stay fit, active, and healthy. 

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