Having long and thick hair is great until summer arrives. As soon as the sun hits the temperature your full-time concern shifts to managing sweaty hair, frizzy curls, and just the overall sweat-covered neck feeling that comes with having long locks. ‘But how can I prevent my sweaty hair?’ worry not ladies, because this summer, we’ve got you covered. This summer will be the summer of the breezy and fresh neck, no excessive hair sweating.

Sweaty Hair Hacks to Know

Go through our article to find out how you can manage sweaty hair during summers and what you can do to avoid it.

1. Wax

If you have a short haircut, you’re undoubtedly now a big fan of hair wax for styling. But this can be done with a long haircut too, in wet hair, when you get out of the shower. Just rub the wax in your hands and put it in there. It will add definition to your waves without the crunchy look you usually get from gel or mousse.

2. No Overwashing

It can be tempting to shampoo several times a day during summer for hair sweating, but if you want luscious locks as you imagined, we recommend you resist the urge. 

3. The Miracles of Softening Cream

If you favor a barely-there hold that just gives your curls a bit of control, then you should invest in some good softening cream available in the market. It will help you fight the sweat and also it adds a bit of weight and hold but not too much to your hair. This will also help you end the problem of your hair flying in and around your face and getting in your eyes and mouth. The cream will help keep strands out of his face without the help of a ponytail holder.

4. Hats To The Rescue 

Sweaty Hair Hacks
Sweaty Hair Hacks

Summer and the scorching sun are the perfect time to bring out your fancy hats and use them for sun protection and also a secret bonus, that is hair protection. It is recommended to wear a hat or headband during this season. It makes it easier to keep hair out of your face, which means less sweaty hair at the front of your hairdo.

5. No Hesitation In Heat Tools 

Of course, it’s the summer and you want to skip what makes you feel hotter. Therefore it’s appealing to skip steps that could make you hotter in the summer, but if you’re worried about the frizz, we can tell you that you can use a blow dryer year-round. After you apply your favorite product, dry your hair on low heat with a diffuser. Product with the diffuser is the key to defined curls that aren’t puffy and will be manageable for the hair you want in summer.

6. Use Product All Over

Some people find it a bit difficult or too weird of an idea to use the product in the roots of the hair. But if you’re dealing with sweaty hair anyway, it is recommended to apply the product all over to wet hair. Run the product through the hair in a scraping motion from roots to ends. Then, shake your head and tangle your hair to let any waves or curls form naturally, and there you have it! The perfect no-sweat summer hairstyle.

7. Embrace The Sweat

Yes, there are ways to manage your sweaty hair, but ultimately, you have to give in to the laws of nature even by a bit. Just know that some things can be beyond the products and beyond the hacks that we can give you. However, you can always make yourself out of such cases by always being in cooler rooms or properly ventilated rooms. When you are out in the sun, it can get a bit difficult to beat it.

These were the ways you can reduce sweaty hair and get rid of that sweaty scalp and neck in the summer season. However, we know that we cannot beat hair sweating in extreme conditions. The best way is to be in a properly conditioned room in that scenario. Taking proper care of your hair and using the methods mentioned above may provide you some relief up to some extent.

If worse comes to worst and you are drowning in sweat by the end of the day, you can always relax with a good bath. Never sleep with too much sweat covered in your neck or hair because that will begin to stink and ultimately lead to compromised hair quality.

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