Every physical attribute that you have plays an important role in your looks. So, if you change any of your existing attributes you will look different. Similarly, changing your hair color will transform your looks. 

Multi-Colored Hair Ideas

So thinking about doing something different and changing your look?? Well, you can color your hair in these stunning ways and make heads turn. 

1. Pink-Blonde Hair

Pink and blonde make such a pretty badass color combo! Anyone who has watched the Netflix series Sex Education will know this. Emma Mackey who played the “bad girl” Maeve Wiley flaunted this hair color combo and we all loved it.

If you want to make a bold statement, pink and blonde are the way to do it, ladies! In this look, you have to dye the lower parts baby pink and the upper parts are blonde. 

2. Rose Gold Hair

This is another stunning hair color, which you can try for a change. Rose gold hair color is light and sober yet elegant and bold looking. 

3. Rainbow Hair Highlights

Rainbow hair highlights have been popular for quite some time now. This type of hair color is prominently loud and bold. But it is trending around the globe despite being colorful and bright. If you wanna look wild and sexy, the rainbow is the right way to do it. 

3. Peacock Blue Ombre

Another vibrant and lively hair color trending among women is the peacock blue ombre. Blue lovers can go for this hair color and look dynamic. 

4. Lavender-Grey Hair

This is another hair color that will help you make quite the statement. The lavender grey hair color gives a chic and valiant look.

5. Ultraviolet Highlights

The ultraviolet highlight is quite revolting and vibrant to look at. This is one of my favorite hair color ideas. Regarding the intensity of the color, it is totally up to you. 

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6. Silver Hair 

Silver hair does look sexy AF. You can have this unique hair color in so many ways such as in the form of an ombre, hair highlights, or global hair color. 

7. Light Blue Ombre

The light blue ombre hair is breaking the internet. With Pantone declaring blue as the color , I say go for this hair color style and be a revolutionary woman. 

8. Magenta Hair

Another wild and captivating hair color you will want to try is magenta. You can incorporate this hair color in different ways- ombre, hair highlights, hair tip highlights. TV series Riverdale fans will recognize this sassy color sported by Tony Topaz.

9. Bright Red Hair 

Bright red hair color has been popular for a long time now. Although now various hair colors are trending in every nook and corner of the world, bright red hair color remains the most commonly demanded. If red is your color, then go for it in any form that will suit your haircut. 

10. Blonde-Light Green

Another multicolored hair idea that you can try is the blonde with light green hair tips. For this, you have to make your whole head of hair blonde and only a few inches from the tips will be light green.

So, these are a few multi-colored hair ideas for all the ladies who want to do something different with their hair. These hair colors are popular pretty very much everywhere. So, if you haven’t tried them you’ve got to them at least one of them. Also, for most of the multicolored hair ideas, you will have to bleach your hair if your natural hair color is darker in shade. Bleaching the hair helps to bring out the vibrant colors prominently. 

Multi-colored Hair

Apart from this, on a different note, you must choose a good brand for the hair color. To achieve perfection, I would suggest going to a reputed hair salon with good reviews. This is important for two reasons mainly- for a good experience with the color and to keep your hair safe from any possible damage. 

Also, hair colors are available which can be applied at home itself but those last until your next shampoo. These are extremely affordable, so worth a try. An important point you should keep in mind is to always choose the hair color according to your skin tone. Getting a hair color complimenting your skin tone will make you look way better than ever. 

Have fun♥

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