A transgender woman belongs to the third category of gender. This gender is very different from the other two genders that are male and female. Male and female genders are easy to recognize and very different from each other. 

Who Is A Transgender Woman?

A male body is different from a female body. Right from the beginning before our secondary sexual characters have started to develop. We know that boy and girl have different external genitalia. As we hit puberty there are many changes which further makes a boy very different from a girl. Sex is biological whereas gender is social. Transgender women have different sex and a different gender.

Understanding The Biology Of Transgender Women

For a transgender person, these differences are very confusing. A transgender is a person who was thought to be of a particular gender at the time of the birth. But after reaching puberty they started behaving like a different gender. A person who was born as a boy; but shows female characteristics.

The characteristics are breast development or high pitch voice. They are transgender women. They are females trapped in the body of males. These transgender women, though have male genitalia; it is primitive and not fully matured.

Many times, when a transgender person tries to accept his or her true identity they are shut out. They are expected to live in the body in which they were born. They are not allowed to transition into the gender they can relate to. This is wrong. But many times, some transgender person undergo a sex change operation to live a normal life. 

Problems faced by transgender women are way too much.

Problems Faced By Transgender Women

Since the biology of transgender women, is very unique and rare; they are not understood by common people. The public is generally afraid of transgender women. There are several myths about their existence. Transgender people are treated badly.

Struggles Of Transgender Women

  • They are not even allowed to live a respectful life. They are called by names which are insulting.
  • Transgender people are considered some kind of freak. Nobody wants to approach them. This is shameful. We should be ashamed of ourselves.
Transgender Woman
Transgender Woman

Contemporary photoshoot of a transgender woman

  • A transgender female has no place to work. They are devoid of all the human rights that we get.
  • They do not have proper jobs and are therefore forced into begging or prostitution.
  • They cannot reproduce naturally. They should be allowed to adopt children. They need to have their own family.
  • There are several myths about their existence. People fear that if you touch a transgender female; you might become the same.
  • A transgender female who is essentially trapped in a man’s body is often ridiculed. People think that they are less of a man.

When Do Transgender People Realize Their Gender Identity?

Right from a young age, you are told that you are a girl/boy. For transgender people, this definition is not enough. They always feel that they don’t fit the body in which they were born. They are attracted to a gender they should not be attracted to. Even though sexual orientation and gender identity are two different things.

Transgender people may realize that they are different from ordinary people during their teens. They are not comfortable in the body in which they are born. It can be traumatizing for them. We must be there to support a friend or a family member who is going through such a crisis.

Why Are Transgender People different?

Intersex in another community. These people are acknowledged at the time of their birth that they fall somewhere between male and female. Intersex is different from transgender people. This is because of hormones. Our hormones play an important role in deciding whether we will behave and develop as a male or a female. 

During puberty, the female body releases female hormones, which regulate breast development, menstruation, etc. Whereas a male body produces sperm and other male characters. In the case of intersex people, it is not the hormone, but the DNA itself. The DNA might have undergone some error. This might lead to an extra or a less chromosome.

Stop Treating Transgender People Differently

  • We need to stop with the Homophobia. A transgender female has many struggles in her life.
  • We need to accept the transgender people as they are. Yes, they are a part of the third gender and that is normal.
  • We need to acknowledge that they are not a freak. They are people like us. We need to make sure that they are given all the human rights they deserve.
  • You need to be friends with someone who is a transgender. Then you are going to realize how wonderful they are. Our biology doesn’t define us. Our individuality does.
  • Instead of focusing on caste; the Government should work for this marginalized gender. They should be hired according to their capabilities. They should be given proper education.
  • Companies are ashamed of having transgender employees. But this has changed today. Transgender women are working as actress, models, winning Miss Universe (Trans) title. And this is just the beginning.

T in LGBTQ Is For Transgender

Today Transgender women and men are given recognition among the LGBTQ community. This community is now made legal. They can marry whoever they want. We are changing. We are becoming more progressive. Finally, the people of the LGBTQ community will not have to hide behind the rusted doors of this society.

They must be treated equally in our society. They should be made aware of their rights. They have the right to live. They can marry whoever they want to; of course with consent. All the taboos and myths around the transgender people should be abolished. We are all God’s children. We are all different from each other.

The struggles of transgender women are very difficult. It is high time we understand that transgender women are humans too. We need to respect them. We should not point a finger at them. They are not wrong. They are not unnatural. They are just perfect and fine. It’s time we acknowledge the third gender. 

Our biology might be different, but we are all humans and that is what matters!

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