Struggles of A Transgender Child

Hello again! Here is my second article about being a transgender child in a developing country like India. I am here to write about my own experiences. In a country like ours, acceptance for transwoman is still too far and I wish I can bring a little change in people’s mindset here. Please support all trans women because they are women too.

When I cried for the first time while landing on this planet, I also had the same physical parts as a normal guy. I was born normal and I had no physical damage in my body. I was always very athletic and good at so many things. Being a bright kid, I was always pushed more into studies and sports. Trust me, I am still good at so many things, but my gender identity still bothers me a lot.

For all those parents who think their child can’t have these trans issues, so I’ll tell you one thing that it can happen with anyone and at any age but majorly in their childhood when you’ll see some traits (if they got caught) but due to societal pressure, they’re scared or feel ashamed of sharing it with anyone.

Some people live their entire life by lying to themselves and it’s not their fault because they know that society is a big shit in our country. Some people will judge their entire family based on one incident. Those kids either have some feminine characteristics or attraction toward feminine things or both. I was the one who was always fond of trying feminine things like makeup and clothes in my childhood.

My family never knew about it and luckily, I never got caught because at that time I also didn’t know what does “transgender” mean and I always thought it might be a normal thing & it’ll go away with the time, but it never left me.

I realized these things when I started growing but it was never that intense that I want to be a girl/female/woman. I was happy in my male body too, but the intensity became proportional to the age. The more I started getting older, the more I had the desire to become a woman. My life is like an ON & OFF switch button.

Transgender Child
Transgender Child

In the late 20’s I started learning about trans women and started meeting a psychiatrist to know my identity. She told me that “Sneha, you know the answer” & I knew the answers that I am a woman and want to be one of them.

I started accepting it and started convincing some of my friends that these are my feelings, and this is how I felt when I was abroad. Luckily, they supported, and I am really blessed to have those people in my life. I still feel that convincing your family is the hardest part because they are not aware about these things & have never experienced it.

I am on that stage now where I’ve to convince my family that this is a new me and this is how I want to live my entire life. 

Please support a woman like me because if I have your support I can accomplish anything & remember                


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