Effects of stress on face, albeit not well recognized by the prey at the beginning, but definitely a matter of concern for them when they come to their actual senses, right? 

Well, you see stress and anxiety are the two such elements that act as a parasite to your internal as well as the external body. Internal, in the sense that they can lead to lowering your morale or even cause the notorious depression. And external in a way like, look at the stress face of the lady in the following picture, it is so obvious! With stress, you can have a smitten, gloomy, and extra aging face.

 Stress On Face
 Stress On Face

If you are the one worrying about that look on your face then this article is directed to cater to all your worries regarding ‘the effects of stress on face’. Binge for a few minutes and know how to get rid of stress looking faces.

What Are The Effects Of Stress On Face

Answering squarely to the above question in a single word is, innumerable. Your face can reveal a myriad of symptoms of your stress., many of which you might be unaware of. Your face is the most sensitive part of the body and is most likely to be the first to get affected.

Here are some of the effects of stress on face, that you should know:

Dark Circle

Dark circles or bags under the eye are well known to snatch away the face’s beauty. It clearly depicts that either you are in stress or lack enough sleep. You will notice dark patches around the eye. You might also have a swollen or a puffy eye. More than 80% of people in the world suffer from this problem due to the increase in pressure and stress in life. 


Stress makes the body produce more cortisol. When you are in stress, your brain generates signals to produce an additional amount of hormone called Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone (CRH). Excessive production directs to clog the pores and ultimately leads to stress acne on the face. 

Stress On Face
Stress On Face

Dry And Dull Skin

The whole body works properly only when you are fully nourished. The outer layer of the skin known as the stratum corneum contains protein and lipids. This outer layer protects the skin and keeps it hydrated. But when you are stressed your stratum corneum stops to work. This leads to dry and undernourished skin. It eventually makes the skin itchy. 


When pores are clogged, and your stratum corneum isn’t working properly, it is natural to have wrinkles on your face. Gradually, an insufficient supply of protein to the skin reduces its elasticity. So instead of having wrinkles, smile and have a dimple. 

Hair Fall Or Grey Hair

Stress affects your hair too. Cells called melanocytes produce a pigment that gives color to your hair. But stress affects here too. It reduces the production of the pigment and eventually makes your hair grow grey. Chronic stress creates telogen effluvium. Telogen effluvium disturbs the hair growth cycle and also increases the rate of hair fall. 


Lips are sensitive too. Less nourishment drives to chapped lips.  And in addition, if you have the habit of biting your lips while you are in stress, you will have sore lips. 


When you stay worried regarding any issue, you might observe a stress rash on the face. These stress rashes aka stress bumps on faces are capable enough to make people appear the way they don’t want to.

Stress and anxiety are powerful enough to gradually weaken the immune system. The imbalance of bacteria due to a weaker immune system is the cause of rashes on your skin.

How To Get Rid Of Stress on Face?

Some stresses are unavoidable in life. No matter how optimistic you are, there are often times when you are worried. And the effects of stress on the face are easily noticeable. However, you have the ability to cope up with your stress and anxiety. The following are the tips to overcome your worries and get rid of your ‘stress face’.

Stress On Face
Stress On Face


Meditation is a very easy way to calm your body and mind. Take at least 10 to 15 minutes of your life daily to meditate. Do it early in the morning regularly and you will feel its effect within a week or two. Keep your mind fresh and open. 


Take deep breaths. Breathing is a significant part of life. Practice Pranayam every day. Breathing activates the capillaries and regulates proper blood circulation. This will provide appropriate nourishment and proteins. It will also keep the skin hydrated and fresh. Inhaling also provides instant control over your emotions. 


Good diet leads to good health. Good health is automatically depicted on the face. Eat healthy meals. Gather nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and proteins on your plate and consume it at an adequate rate. Do not overeat. Overeating may cause you harm. 

Drink Water

Drink enough water during the day. Water hydrates your skin and washes away the wastes. Drink at least 3 to 4 liters of water every day. Drinking water reduces acne, clears the clogged pores, and makes the skin glow. It will give you beautiful bright skin. Drinking sufficient water also reduces wrinkles and tightens which makes the skin look clean and young. 

Maintain A Good Lifestyle
Maintain A Good Lifestyle

Maintain A Good Lifestyle

A good lifestyle will help you deal with your issues. Talk to friends and family. This will help you relieve tension, anxiety, and depression. Sharing with your loved ones will help you ease the stress and make you feel light-hearted. 

Do Not Overthink

Overthinking is really bad for your health. If you overthink your issues, you will subconsciously grow fear inside your head, and eventually, you will lose all your courage to deal with the problems. Hence, avoid overthinking. 

Do Not Overthink
Do Not Overthink

Take A Break

Well yeah, take a break. Taking a break once in a while from your usual life is very essential. It is very refreshing and keeps you energized. Choose a beautiful place and plan a getaway. Getaways will make your life beautiful and memorable. Leave behind your worries at home and breathe peacefully at your favorite destination. Doing so will not only make you happy but also will give you the courage to deal with your problems. 


Clean your skin and moisturize it daily. Remove the dead cells from your face and massage it with a good moisturizing face cream. Doing so will give you healthy and younger-looking skin.

In contemporary, the world is so competitive and complex that life and stress go hand in hand. Almost 98% of the people in the world have stress and anxiety. Most of them are on prescribed medication to deal with their immense stress and pressure. Don’t be one of them.

Do not make your life complicated, keep it simple, and lead a happy life, or else you will end up with a stress bump on your face. Push yourself and get started with all the tips and habits to fight away the effects of stress on face and finally rejuvenate yourself.

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