Looking at the tips to overcome procrastination? Then this is the perfect guide to increase your productivity with proper time management.

What is Procrastination

Procrastination is like an unwelcomed enemy that would sneak up on you without you even realizing it. And till the time you would discover the fact, it would already be too late. Procrastination is a lot more than merely pushing off things that need to be completed later. According to experts, procrastination is the deliberate delay in some of the important tasks that we plan to do, despite knowing that we would suffer in the future.

It is a pit that every one of us falls into. Initially, it would feel very soothing and pleasing but it could have severe implications later. But don’t worry, you are not alone.

Procrastination is said to affect about 90% of the people. Procrastination can arise in many forms and can stem from different causes. There are usually two types of procrastinators. If you are a situational procrastinator, then you might be diligent in all tasks except one particular one, where you often procrastinate. A chronic procrastinator tends to procrastinate on everything.

How to Overcome Procrastination

Overcoming procrastination is not a cakewalk. But the solution to overcome it lies within yourself. Therefore, to help you get rid of this maddening adversary, we have listed down some effective strategies to help you overcome procrastination for good!

  • You need to learn to resist the urge to take part in activities that are not on your to-do list. You might be tempted to engage in certain activities that might push your focus away from your work. By having clarity of mind, you would better be able to work towards your goals.
  • This is a very effective strategy to overcome procrastination. Make a to-do list that you follow each day. Of course, you can set aside some time for unexpected things that might suddenly pop up. This is crucial for effective time management, and with little time in hand, it is necessary to do just those tasks that matter the most.
  • Play a game of 10 by 10. See if you can perform 10 things by 10 a.m. That way you get into the flow of doing what needs to be done every day. It would also help create momentum in your task.
  • Often people believe that creating deadlines is what pushes them to work hard which is why they do it at the last minute. But this would only create more stress for you. If this is the case for you, then give yourself mini-deadlines for smaller parts of the overall task.
  • You can also divide the task into small chunks to do it on time. This method is really effective in dealing with procrastination.
  • Check-in with yourself to see what the reason is that you are procrastinating. Is it because you have fears or negative emotions about the task at hand? Or, are you simply avoiding it, because there are more interesting or pleasurable things to do?  If this is about avoiding the task due to negative feelings, then consider where those feelings are stemming from. 
    Are they due to your own self-talk or other people’s perceptions about you?  If you are avoiding the task to indulge in more fun stuff, then a re-structure of your schedule is necessary. 
    For example, if you do the task now, then you will have enough free time to spend it on leisure afterward so that you can overcome procrastination
  • Check your motivation for completing a task. Focus on the positive reasons for doing a task. For example, going on vacations, being able to afford the house you want, etc. 
    There is a difference in the pictures you have in your mind when you move towards having what you want, as opposed to moving away from what you don’t want. You can also focus on the positive consequences of completing the task and let that be your motivator.
  • You ought to check in with your values while coping with procrastination. Is the task that you are supposed to do, worth your time and energy? You don’t necessarily need to like what you are doing, but if it is important enough to do, then it is worth doing well.
  • Celebrate the little victories on the road to completion. This builds on your confidence and will increase your competence. Additionally,  it becomes more enjoyable to do the tasks when you promise yourself rewards for your efforts.
  • Forget about perfectionism. You should always remember that there is a difference between excellence and perfection. To aspire to be genuinely successful is excellence; while perfection is just a myth. Striving for perfection often causes anxiety, fear, self-doubt, and plenty of other negative emotions. So, always strive for excellence and don’t let perfectionism become a cause for procrastination.
  • Learn to say “No” to your social media, friends calling for a chat or hangouts, etc. put a hold on all the unimportant things for a bit and you will yourself realize how much time you would be saving and you can then invest that precious time in more fruitful things.
  • It sounds pretty obvious, but turning off all the distractions is the key to coping with procrastination. People tend to get distracted by insignificant things. When it is finally time to do a task, then close your social media, your emails, and other distractions. 
    Even let your phone go to voicemail unless it is a specific or important call that you are expecting. Minimizing distractions will help you remain more concentrated on the task at hand.
  • It may also be necessary to separate yourself from unsupported or toxic individuals that are weighing you down and stopping you from achieving your goals. Avoid negative energy and negative people to overcome procrastination.

You cannot overcome procrastination in a day. You need to diligently follow these strategies and be patient with yourself. That said, you’ll beat procrastination in no time! Good luck ladies.