Nothing feels sexier than flaunting your stunning shoulders in those off-shoulder tops and dresses. However, wearing a strapless bra sounds like a nuisance for some ladies, especially for women with a heavier bust. Women usually struggle to find the right and reliable strapless bra which gives enough support for their breasts. It is a common fallacy that you get your support from the strap. Well absolutely no to that! The actual support of your bra comes from the band. So, yes band size matters! Ready to shop for a beautiful strapless bra and wondering how should a strapless bra fit? Well, don’t you worry, we are here to help you! Read on to know how a strapless bra supposed to fit and some tips to buy the right type of strapless bra! 

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How Should your Strapless Bra Fit you? 

Most women do not find themselves comfortable in strapless bras. A bra without a strap? What if my breast falls out of it? Will it give the desired support as it has no straps? A strapless bra is undeniably a versatile type of bra as it can work with almost every piece of clothing. If you choose a strapless bra correctly or a strapless bra that actually fits you, you’ll not face any problem with it. So, how should the strapless bra fit? 

Strapless Bra Fit
Strapless Bra Fit

For a perfect strapless bra fit, you need to check the band size, which is the support point of your strapless bra. The band should be tighter than the bands on your regular bra. Why? Well, this is because straps are absent in a strapless bra and the band supports the breasts. You shouldn’t pick a strapless bra band too tight that it pinches you, it should snuggle your body rather than make you feel uncomfortable. Check your band size before buying a strapless bra even if you already know your size. The band keeps your bust up and gives a little extra support from the band is enough for full support of your knockers.. 

While purchasing a strapless bra, you should look for a bra with a size down in the band and one size up in the cup so that there is more band support. Do not choose a strapless bra too tight as if you try to go too much smaller, the bra may slide down. So, make sure it fits just right and cuddles your body, without making you uncomfortable. 

Tips to Follow While Buying a Strapless Bra 

Few things to remember before you invest in a strapless bra! You don’t want your money to be wasted, so here are some tips you can follow while you are buying a strapless bra.

1. Get Measured 

A rule of thumb to measure your bra size before you shop for a strapless bra as your usual size may vary from the strapless bra. Even if you can recall your size from the last time you measured yourself, measure it again! 

2. Try Before Buying 

To get a perfect fit, you need to try the bra before you buy it. The size and fit may vary from brand to brand, especially for strapless bras, make sure to try it on, you’ll get a better insight. 

3. Look for Comfortable Boning 

The inserts on a bra’s band which helps in keeping the structure intact are important for a better strapless bra fit. This is called boning. Most complaints regarding strapless bras are that they become uncomfortable over time. So, choose a boning that is soft and made with quality padding. 

Tips to Follow While Buying a Strapless Bra

4. Additional Hooks for Larger Sizes 

If you are looking for a strapless bra, you need to know that strapless bras require additional support, especially for larger cup sizes. For a good strapless bra fit, look for more hooks on the back with a wider band for additional support that feels snuggly and comfortable. 

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5. No Slip-Grip 

The worst fear of wearing a strapless bra is what if it falls off? No one would want that. Well, if you don’t, look for a no slip-grip strapless bra that can curb out the nominal chances of your strapless falling. Many strapless bras come with silicone elastic at the cup and back which can prevent the bra from slipping. 

6. Try Longline 

A longline may help you a lot, especially for larger sizes. If your wideband fails to do the supporting job, there’s a longline that can give a little support from below your chest. A longline bra comes with a bodice that helps support your bust. The band expands to the waist to provide you with maximum support. 

7. Look for Detachable Straps 

You won’t always need a strapless bra. To make your strapless bra more versatile and adaptable, choose a strapless bra that comes with detachable straps. You will have two bras in one and you can wear them more often for different occasions. 

8. Bandeau for the Smaller Sizes

For a better strapless bra fit, the bigger sizes need extra support while smaller sizes require less support. So, if you have a smaller size, you can try bandeau with minimal or no padding. You can easily wear it under any clothing or even by itself. 

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9. Do not Expect too Much 

The strapless bra shouldn’t trouble you if you choose the right size and right type. However, you shouldn’t expect so much from a strapless bra as it may never perform or feel the similar way your regular bra with a strap does. They are different bras with different functions, remember that!  

This was all about strapless bras and how should a strapless bra fit. Size is the key to find a perfect bra, be it a strapless bra or a traditional bra. Wear what you are comfortable in! 

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