Amongst all other things, fashion too has taken a setback amidst the lockdown imposed due to COVID -19. This lockdown may be specifically harsh on you if you are a fashion fanatic who now has to resist the urge to shop and wear eccentric outfits, every time you step out. But don’t get disheartened ladies. Lockdown doesn’t mean that your fashion game takes a backseat. Here we’ve rounded up some stay at home fashion ideas that the fashion monger in you doesn’t die. Read on to find out more. 

Stay At Home Fashion Ideas You Can Follow

Here are some of the great stay at home fashion ideas that you can follow

1. Follow your favorite fashion icons on social media 

Social media has become everyone’s best friend during the lockdown. Make optimum use of social media in a bid to stay fashionable amidst the lockdown. Follow your favourite fashion influencers and bloggers on Instagram to be constantly updated about what’s trending.

They conduct live sessions and question-answer sessions to share fashion tips with their followers. There are also some challenges going on Instagram which you could be a part of like the quarantine pillow challenge, the blanket challenge, and the met gala challenge. These challenges have been successful in luring people around the globe, to stay fashionable during the lockdown. 

2. Revamp your closet

If you didn’t have time earlier to organize your closet, now is the perfect time to follow this stay at home fashion tip. You’ve got all the time in the world to rediscover and revamp your wardrobe. So, what’s holding you back?

Open your closet and start decluttering the items which are of no use, doesn’t fit well, or are out of fashion. By crafting old pieces into new, you can create stylish and new like items for yourself without even spending a dime.  

It could be as simple as making a decorative patch onto your jacket or turning a T-shirt into a tank top or converting your old denims into shorts.

You can also use dyes or spray paints to give your white clothes a new look. There are hundreds of DIY ideas available on Pinterest and Instagram that would help you reinvent your wardrobe.

Home Fashion Ideas
Home Fashion Ideas

3. Rewear and restyle 

Missing going out to shop? How about reliving the shopaholic in you by shopping from your own wardrobe instead. You can do this by finding all those clothes which you hadn’t worn for a long time and some not even at all. This is the best stay at home fashion tip!

Finding alternatives to re-wear and restyle your clothes saves time, improves your creativity and will also reward you with some cool new outfits that you can wear post lockdown. Win, win, win! You can mix and match your clothes and also pair up your clothes with different accessories. Even if it looks like a fashion blunder, then no one would even know about them. And if it looks great, then you might as well put it on your social media handle.

4. Dress up for virtual parties

Miss getting all dolled up to go out and party? Well, there’s a way you can address this FOMO by setting up virtual parties with your near and dear ones.

It would not only give you a chance to celebrate with your friends, but it would also give you the opportunity to dress up and even debut an outfit that you would’ve worn if you weren’t stuck at home. You could also make it more interesting by planning themes for your parties. For instance, you could have an all-black theme, Halloween theme, superhero theme etc. This would not only make your celebrations fun but would also motivate you to put your best foot forward while dressing up.

5. Wishlist the items in your cart

Even though you are not able to shop right now, that does not mean that you can not add products to your Wishlist. In reality, now is the perfect time to talk about all the statement pieces you need because surely you must be spending a ton of time reorganizing your wardrobe already. 

It would help you know whether you need another black dress and or any other bag or shoes that you’ve been looking forward to buy that would complement your existing clothes. 

6. Put on your work clothes at home (work from home fashion)

Are you too working from home right now? Well, work from home fashion is the perfect opportunity to don your work clothes.

It may be convenient to just work in your pyjamas and sweatpants but it would not give you that workplace vibe. Also, you may not feel motivated enough if you directly jump to work in your nightclothes after waking up.

So, pick out your best office attire, and get to it. Get dressed the same way you used to before the lockdown. Chances are, that your boss and colleagues may too get impressed by your dressing.

Home Fashion Ideas
Home Fashion Ideas

7. Wear stylish clothes at home too

We all know that quarantine has devoid us of the joy of wearing different outfits every day while going out. But that doesn’t mean that you need to repeat your clothes every day just because you are sitting at home all day. You need to swap your boring pyjamas with a different piece of clothing every day. According to psychology, wearing bright and cool colors like yellow, blue and orange uplifts your mood and gives a positive vibe. 

You should make your home clothing, a style statement by planning different outfits for each day. You can also include your family members in this by wearing color coordinated clothes, twin outfits, and even pyjama days or jumpsuit days. This would give you a chance to be innovative and also help you remain a stay at home fashionable. 

8. Learn tailoring 

You must’ve been through the situation when your dress is torn from aside, or the sequins are worn out, or the pocket of your favorite trousers fell off. You can’t rush to the tailor or buy a new dress every time this happens.

So why not learn stitching and sewing this lockdown? This is the perfect time to learn to repair your clothes on your own. 

This would not only help you master a new skill but would also keep you excited about stay at home fashion during the lockdown. 

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