Work from home routine may sound comforting and easy going. The reality is very different. The concept of work from home can either consume all your time or else you can easily carry out your day to day activities along with your work. 

With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, millions of people around the globe are now unemployed, and some employees are working from home to keep the companies running. Managing the concept of work from home may turn out to be a challenge, especially for the ones for whom WFH is a new routine.

So, how to make your work from home effective and efficient? Following good work from home routine is recommended to achieve maximum work-life balance.

Work From Home Routine Ideas

We have listed some points regarding work from home routine ideas

1. Sort out the priorities of the day

The highly infectious COVID-19 has compelled everyone to limit or stop their day to day activities. The top priority as of now apart from working efficiently for your employer is to keep tabs on the essentials stock.

2. Keep track of your working time

When you work from home, time passes by faster than you will realize. So, always remember to keep track of your time while you start with your work. Working from home requires organizational and management skills. Without these skills, you may find yourself working the whole day with little energy left.

Set your alarm clock for a tea break or a break to freshen up your mind. This way you will be able to finish your work on time.

3. Choose a room or area of your home to work

Work From Home Routine Ideas
Work From Home Routine Ideas

Select a room or particular area of your home where you feel comfortable and undisturbed to work freely. Organize your work table with items that are necessary for your work. Doing your work in a fixed place of your home will help you achieve your work goals effectively. To keep your mind focused and feel positive, you can redecorate your work corner a bit with one or two indoor plants if you have any. 

4. Get out of your comfort clothes when you work from home

It may feel absurd changing into your work clothes when you have to work from home. Wearing your work clothes will minimize any laziness to work. If you keep on your comfortable clothes, you may feel sleepy, and since you are home already, you may feel tempted to take a short nap.

5. Fix your working hours when you work from home

Fixing the working hours is more important than you realize. When you work from home with no prior working timeline, you will eventually end up missing your deadline for your work. So, keep in mind to follow the fixed work timeline religiously. Deviating from the working hours that you have set will affect your working ability and fulfillment of the targets.

6. Practice doing exercise when you work from home

Performing exercises is of utmost importance especially at the current situation when we have no place to go out. With minimal physical activity and continuous brainstorming for your work, you will slowly lose your stamina and energy to work wholeheartedly. Freehand exercises are the best way to gain and maintain your stamina during this pandemic situation, whether you work from home or not.

7. Never compromise with your meals when you work from home

Apart from working out, maintaining a healthy diet is equally essential. It is also understandable that due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the availability of food is limited. So, during such times, skipping meals is not an option, especially when you work from home. Maintain your working hours and consume your daily meals on time.

8. Forget the fact you are at home when you work from home

Working from home is quite a challenge, especially if you stay with your family. From my experience as well, minimize family contact or discussions when you start working. Otherwise, if you get interrupted by your loved ones in between your work, you won’t be able to work efficiently.

You may also feel like getting up and start chit-chatting with your family in such situations, but it is not advisable.

Bottom line

Working from home routine requires serious planning and management to separate your personal and professional life. Moreover, with this never-ending pandemic situation, you must take care of your mental health while you work from home.

Engage in some fun activities with your family activities during this lockdown. Avoid any heated argument with your family members as much as possible during this time. Life is too short to spend it arguing, especially when many people around the world have lost their loved ones to the novel coronavirus.

Take care

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