Thinking About Getting Fit After A Long Time? 6 Tips To Start Exercising Again After A Break

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Start Exercising Again After A Break
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Has it been a while since you last exercised ? Do you want to start exercising again after a break? Well, that’s a great initiative! But sometimes, it can also get a bit difficult. After all, committing to a different routine after you’ve already gotten accustomed to your current one isn’t that easy. 

But don’t you worry because we are here to help you out with just that. Here are some amazingly effective tips on how to get back into exercise after a break: 

Make a plan or a schedule 

Planning is a great first step in this case. If you’re thinking about starting to exercise after a long time, then it is best to plan it. Make a schedule specifically for your workouts and exercise.

There’s no “right time” for working out so simply make a schedule according to your preferences or when you’re free. When you plan something, it becomes easier to carry it out than when you just have a checklist in your head. 

Planning also makes sure that you don’t find reasons to not do it. For instance, if you think about a reason in your head to not exercise, you’ll realize it’s just an excuse. This is because when you take a look at your schedule, you get a clearer idea. 

Go easy at the beginning 

If you’re planning to get into working out after a long break, then you can’t rush anything. You have to go slowly and steadily and give yourself and your body time to adjust to a new routine. 

You cannot expect yourself to start working out vehemently like you used to before. Both your mind and body are going to require some time so it’s futile to force it. 

So, go easy on yourself. Start with something of less intensity and something that doesn’t drain you a lot. If a proper 30-minute workout session feels too much, then try to exercise for just 5-10 minutes during the day. 

Don’t try to stick to a long workout session even if it makes you feel overwhelmed. That will slowly turn repulsive and make you want to quit. 

You can start with easy exercises or even just resort to jogging or brisk walking initially. You could also start with just cycling if you want. Just pick something that you like the most. 

Start Exercising Again After A Break

What matters the most is that you’re doing it consistently. Once you start with something that 

makes you feel good and refreshed, you will automatically get more into it. 

Commit to a time frame 

Don’t think too much about the long haul. Start with small steps instead. When you first start exercising again after a break, commit to yourself to continue it for a week. When you surpass that goal, then you can try to commit to a 2 or 3-week challenge. 

Just don’t put pressure on yourself and give yourself a smaller time frame to achieve your goals. This will help you out immensely to kick-start your routine and bring it back on track slowly and steadily. 

Boost your motivation 

How to do that? There are plenty of ways! Exercising after a long time can make you feel tired faster than you used to feel. And then there’s laziness that will keep tempting you. But if you keep boosting your motivation then you won’t have anything of that sort to worry about! 

Find an exercise buddy. This will not only make exercising more fun but will also ensure regularity and accountability. It is one of the best ways to feel motivated. 

Start Exercising Again After A Break

You could also plan the time you go for a jog or walk with your dog. That way you won’t feel that tempted to skip it. Another way would be to get out of the gym. Alternate between working out in the gym or at home and outside. 

You could try it out in your backyard or a local garden or even go for walks on the beach. Get more interactive with nature and your surroundings! 

Yet another way is to keep involving a variety of exercises to not let it turn monotonous. This would also be a great way to try some exercises out of your comfort zone. 

Don’t change everything altogether 

When you get back into exercise after a break, you might feel like switching your dietary habits too. But that’s inadvisable because your body is already trying to get used to one change. If you topple yet another change on yourself then you won’t be able to catch up. 

Instead of fixating on making all the changes all at once, try to focus on one thing at a time. Put your attention on developing a proper workout routine first. Then slowly when you’re getting the hang of it, consider changing your eating habits. 

As the first step, start drinking more water! 

Also, before you go on with changing your diet and nutrition, it would be better to consult your health professional. Better to be aware than risk anything! 

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Remember to go easy on yourself 

Although this has been mentioned before, it is an incredibly important aspect to keep in mind. If you start to get into intense exercises all of a sudden after a break, you’ll end up exhausting yourself. 

Not to mention that can also harm your physical as well as your mental health to a serious extent. So, when you start exercising again after a break, remember that you’re doing it for yourself.

Exercising and working out are supposed to make you feel good. It isn’t supposed to be about overwhelming yourself and exhausting your limits. So, if you notice you’re moving in the direction of the latter, stop immediately. 

More importantly, just give yourself some time, and you’ll be back on the path of fitness in no time! 

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