Different people have different ways of building intimacy between them. For some, a few warm words and reassurances will provide the comfort they need. For others, touch is much more important, such as a hand on a knee or around a waist and a tight hug at the end of the day. Some people need a more intense physical connection, such as kissing or having sex. They feel the closest together when their bodies are holding each other tightly and they are experiencing the same rush of feelings. 

Each love language is valid in its way, acting as a bridge through which two or more people can always find together. When it comes to sexual intimacy, there are many subtypes as well. Certain people prefer softer, gentler sex, while others like rough, burning passion igniting their souls. Many would rather stick to the known, while others are excited to experiment with new things such as sex games

Neither is more interesting than the other because they are each a comfortable option for certain people. There is no shame in preferring vanilla sex and there is nothing wrong with not wanting to have sex at all. In the same way, it is perfectly okay to be sex-positive and adventurous in your approach to your sexual life. If it works well for you and your partner, it is surely something to treasure.

If you are someone who falls in the latter category of being experimental, you may have tried certain kinks or other more thrilling positions to have sex. As long as you are being safe, it is okay to explore to your heat’s content. Today, we are going to talk about one such type of sex for thrill-seekers: standing sex. Yes, sex while standing is possible and it can bring a lot of pleasure when it is the correct way. Keet reading to find out just what you should follow to have safe sex in a standing position and what positions you can try out.

Why does Standing Sex Feel Good?

Standing sex is any kind of sexual act, penetrative or not penetrative, done in a standing position. This could mean your partner lifting you against the wall or you holding them against a sink, or a table. You can even try non-penetrative sexual acts such as oral sex, in which you go down on each other in a standing position. 

 Standing Sex
 Standing Sex 

This may feel extra pleasurable for you because it provides a change in your usual sex life. Having sex in a standing position introduces different angles as well as the chance to maintain intense, intimate eye contact. If you or your partner enjoy putting on a show of strength, standing sex allows you to do just that.

If you enjoy playing with power dynamics or even just want to create a tender moment in which you hold your partner tightly, sex while standing lets you express these emotions fully. Thus, it can be something you want to try with your partner(s). However, trying anything new also means being willing to take extra precautions. Before attempting standing sex, make sure that you know the basics needed to make it as safe as possible.

Tips for Having Safe Sex in A Standing Position

You may have seen standing sex being depicted in media, but real life is seldom the same as fiction. What may look flawless and effortless to you involves a lot of research and care. Remember that when trying something new, they will always be some awkwardness.

 Standing Sex
 Standing Sex 

Things may not turn out the way you expect and that’s completely okay. What makes this moment special for you is not perfect sex, but the fact that you’re sharing it. Hence, remember to not just jump into the act without knowing all the basics. Safe sex is always the best sex, after all.

Here are 6 tips for having sex while standing: 

1. Leverage Your Weight

To achieve balance while you’re having sex in a standing position means that you need to leverage your body weight and make sure that your center of gravity is not unstable. To keep your balance, try to lift a leg or bend over against stable support such as a wall, a pillar, etc. This may not fit your superstrength fantasies, but it will surely make sex more pleasurable by reducing the risk of accidents. 

2. Keep Your Height in Mind

The difference between you and your partner’s heights matter when you’re considering standing sex positions. Try to find something which is more comfortable for you two and does not put too much burden on one of both of you. There is no perfect position that works for all because ultimately you have to consider your bodies and choose the one which is safest for you.

3. Make Use of Your Surroundings 

Depending on where you’re having sex, there are bound to be things such as furniture which can be used as support. For example, one of you could lean back or spread their legs while sitting against a table or a kitchen counter. This way, the partner who is holding the other does not have to bear the immense pressure all alone.

4. Don’t Ignore Oral Sex

As mentioned before, standing sex not be limited to penetration. If you and your partner(s) are uncomfortable with penetrative sex or want to try standing sex positions that do not need too much strength, oral sex can be the solution you are looking for. It can also be a good place to start before you move on to more challenging standing sex positions.

5. Add Some Props and Toys If You Need

If you’re up for experimenting with things, why not throw in a few props to make things easier? Props such as harnesses, sex swings, ramps, and sex pillows can make this more comfortable for you by adding more support, which also allows you to explore more pleasurable angles.

6. Don’t Push Yourself to Finish While Still Standing up

Just because you’re starting sex while standing doesn’t mean you have to continue in the same position until the end. This is not a race or a competition of who can last longer. Do what makes you feel safe and comfortable. Feel free to finish in a lying down or sitting position, or even a different standing sex position if needed.

Standing Sex Positions

Now that you know all the basics of standing sex, you may want to explore all the different position options to pick the one that suits you the best. Well, we are here to help you in getting started by telling you about 4 standing sex positions you can try:

 Standing Sex
 Standing Sex 

1. Face First

Let’s start with a standing position for oral sex. In this, one of you sits on a surface such as a counter or a table and spreads their legs apart. Placing hands on the side while sitting will add extra support. Then, the other partner bends down in the front and uses their mouth to lick or suck at the first person’s genitals. This position can be possible without a surface if one of you is strong enough to hold the other up while having oral sex. But this is rarely the case in real life, so it is good to use support so you can enjoy without worrying about dropping the other person.

2. Having One Leg Up

This position is perfect for having shower sex. In this, one partner has their back against a wall, placing one leg on the edge of the tub or a chair/stool. Then the other partner assumes the position in the front, penetrating while placing their hands on the wall for support. This also brings your bodies close together, with one partner caging the other, which can be more intimate for some people.

3. Standing Doggy Style

If you enjoy sex in the doggy style, you can one-up it by performing it in a standing position. In this, the partner who is being penetrated gets on the bed on all fours while the other partner stands behind them. Not only does this give one of you an eyeful of the other, but it also allows for some hands-on exploration.

4. Against the Sink

Another one that you can try in the bathroom if you want to for something different than shower sex. In this, the partner being penetrated can sit up on the counter or sink, while the other partner stands in front. You can also take things in a different direction by having one of you lean over the sink while the other enters from behind. This standing sex position ends up being more pleasurable if you have a mirror above the sink, which lets you glimpse at all the changes in your partner’s and your expression and also see the gorgeous picture that the two (or more) of you make.

Having a Safe Sex Life

Ultimately, the key to healthy sex life is to practice proper caution and protection. Even if you’re having standing sex, you still need to engage in safe sex by using protection.

 Standing Sex
 Standing Sex 

Don’t skip this step in the pleasure of things. Make sure that you and your partner are on the same page and are both comfortable with what is being agreed on. Be sure to stop or take a pause if necessary and engage in proper aftercare later on. Always remember that the best sex always has two important things: consent and safety. So, do your research and go forth in your exploration of each other!

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