What is Vanilla Sex?

Have you ever come across the phrase ‘vanilla sex’ and wondered what it can probably mean? Here’s a hint: It does not include vanilla ice-cream in the act of love-making. Vanilla sex is actually simple sex. Yup, you read it right, simple sex. It is plain, normal, conventional sex, devoid of any fetish or kink. Nowadays everybody wants to be adventurous and we are sure you will come across plenty of articles and self-help books on how to make sex hotter, tips on making your sex life kinkier, asking you to experiment while having sex, promoting the inclusion of sex toys in your sex lives, etc.

In fact, it seems we have almost forgotten how beautiful and intimate a nice clean session of intimate lovemaking can be. Even when our basic vanilla sex lives are sufficient and enjoyable, we get pressurized into thinking that our sex lives can be spicier. Sex has become more like an activity and less of an intimate act of romance between two partners. 

Reasons Why Vanilla Sex is the Best Sex Position

Below are the reasons to go for vanilla sex:

1. It may not be adventurous, but vanilla sex is easy

Vanilla sex may not take you by surprise, but it is easy and requires minimum mental preparation. Adding to that, it saves you the time of thinking multiple times if you are ready for it or not.

Vanilla Sex
Vanilla Sex

A man and a woman lie on the bed and exchange tenderness while holding hands. Everybody knows how to have sex, so it will save you hours of background research and not to forget, it does not require too many efforts (unlike fetishes and kinky sex), which is a huge bonus.

2. Conventional Sex is comfortable

The vanilla sex position is within your comfort zone, so you know that you will enjoy participating in it even before engaging in the act of lovemaking. While we encourage stepping out of your comfort zone once in a while, as it is healthy to be adventurous, we also think putting so much effort into something so basic every day can be quite exhausting and taxing. On days when you don’t want to do anything, you can always countback on vanilla sex to cheer you up. 

3. There is nothing like the comfort of your bed

Vanilla sex can be done anywhere, from the floor to the sofa or your bed. You just need a place to lie down and that’s it. It saves you the pain of thinking about new, cool and exciting places to do it and you do not need to worry about somebody walking in on you while you are at it. Vanilla sex is all about feeling good and comfortable, just like a tub of vanilla ice-cream. 

4. It lets you focus on your climax more

While experimenting with kinks and fetishes and sharing it with your partner can help you open up to each other better, it can be equally distracting when it comes to gaining optimum pleasure from it. Kinky sex is not lovemaking, but just simple sex. While, simple, conventional, vanilla sex is what real lovemaking is. You are already aware of your partner’s erogenous spots and what turns her/him on. So, it is easier for you to focus on those known areas alone so that your partner reaches orgasm by the end of your sexual activity. 

5. You feel no pressure whatsoever

There is no pressure on you or your partner when your sex is vanilla. It spares you the preparation and the mental anxiety of worrying about how your body will react to a new adventurous position or kink. It also saves you from a lot of performance anxiety.

Vanilla Sex
Vanilla Sex

Vanilla sex is all about enjoying the moment and continuing to do what you are doing until one or both of you reach orgasm. Isn’t it pretty simple?

6. Vanilla sex is not just missionary

We are happy to inform you that contrary to popular belief, vanilla sex is not just about one specific position. It is basic, no doubt. And of course, it is that old missionary position that was your first time, but you can always steam things hot with different kinds of positions that can make you go all night long. The only reason why it is called vanilla is that it is old and reliable and does not include any kinks, fetishes, and risks.

7. You do not require any ground rules

When you are trying out something new, something that might cause damage to your body if not executed well, you need to establish certain ground rules beforehand. If you are into kinks and fetishes and you are not establishing ground rules first, we suggest you do so for your own good. However, vanilla sex saves you from these ground rules establishing conversations because of how simple and natural the process is. 

8. Simple intimate sex boosts your confidence

Let nobody tell you that your sex life is boring just because you are into vanilla sex. For anybody who once had low self-confidence and doubted their capabilities in bed, vanilla sex has come to them as their savior. Sex is not a competition that you always have to be adventurous. It is about intimacy and as long as you and your partner are happy with it, you are good. 

9. All you need are condoms

You don’t need to buy expensive fleshlights, dildos, or vibrators for vanilla sex. Honestly, sex toys are pretty expensive and it almost costs a fortune if you are planning on buying a piece of sex furniture (YES! IT’S A THING.) Sex is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle (unless you are asexual, of course.) and it should not come with a price tag. So, have vanilla sex and save that money for a trip to Paris.

10. It is for people from 18 to 80

Nowadays there seem to be a lot of taboos around simple and conventional sex to the extent that the ones who actually enjoy it find it shameful and think that their sex lives are almost dead. However, what we forget is that it’s where we all began and it’s also what we will resort to when we are old. We say it’s better to acknowledge how beautifully romantic vanilla sex can be instead of growing old and regret resorting to vanilla sex.

11. It helps you truly connect with your partner

Everybody loves cuddling after a round of hot and passionate sex and vanilla sex really gives you the opportunity to lie back, cuddle, and think about all the steam your sexual intercourse had. You can be into the wildest of kinks, but there is nothing like the old, reliable vanilla sex. 

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