Two people sleeping together is nice, but sometimes it can also be a real nightmare. We have all experienced what it’s like to sleep with a partner who squashes you, who confines you, who spreads out and invades into your personal space. When it comes to sleeping having some room for yourself and making each other comfortable is of vital importance. Why not try spooning sex?

How to Spoon Someone?

Here are the tips to spoon someone:

  • Spooning like a Big Spoon

To spoon someone as the big spoon lie down next to your partner so that you are facing them and they are facing away from you. Like you are hugging your partner, you need to slide your arm under your partner’s neck. Bend your knees inwards to give your partner space to get into a comfortable position.

  • Spooning like a Little Spoon

To spoon someone like the little spoon lie down on your side with your back facing your partner. Give them a few second to slide their arms around and shift your weight as needed to get into a comfortable position. Once both of you are comfortable stay in that position for as long as you’d like and enjoy the connection.

  • Spoon on Top

In the reverse cowgirl position, let your partner enter into you, then lower your body on top of theirs for more intimacy. 

  • 69 Spoons

Lie on your side and use your mouth, tongue, and lips to please your partner as they do the same for you.

Four Spooning Sex Positions

Having sex spoon-style, or in the side-by-side position is ideal for chilly mornings and late nights. Luckily, there are various positions that you and your partner can give a try and you will for sure love them. Try out these spooning sex positions and enjoy the immense pleasure that it provides.

1. Seduction

This is a medium complex sex position. The man is an active partner.

  • In this sideway sex position, the woman lies on her back with one leg outstretched and the other keel.
  • The man lies on his side next to his woman, supporting his head by the arm bent at his elbow.
  • Under the bent leg of the male, lies the bent leg of the female. In turn, she puts her bent leg on the male partner.
  • While in action the man’s face is near to the female partner’s breast. And he can press his partner’s breasts not only with his free hand but also with the mouth that will enhance the pleasure.

2. Binding

In this position, the bodies are in close contact with each other. 

  • The woman is on her side with the leg slightly bent at the knees and spreads them wide apart.
  • The man lies on his side behind his female partner and he puts one leg on her hip and penetrates his woman from the back.
  • With his one hand, the man can caress his woman’s breast.
  • He keeps his head raised by holding it with her second hand. While maintaining his head raised he could also kiss his partner.
  • The woman puts her hand on his thighs and gently strokes it.

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3. Hungry Man 

In this position, you can perfectly express your feelings. 

  • The woman lies on her back.
  • The woman extends one leg and bends the other at the knee and lifts.
  • The man lies on his side, huddles close to his female partner. He slips his hand under her head and bends it at the elbow to have access to the breast of his woman. He also puts the other hand on her thigh of her bent leg.
  • The man’s left leg lies along the extended leg of the female partner. And his right leg is pushed between the lifted woman’s leg.
  • He penetrates from below and pushes deeply.

4. Thirsty Man

This sex position is for you if you love foreplay. 

  • The woman and the man lie on their side facing each other.
  • She hugs his neck with one hand and he does the same thing and the second-hand lays on her back.
  • Between his partner’s legs, the man needs to slide one of his legs.
  • She circles it with her hips by bending the leg lying on the top of the knee.
  • In this position, the man can caress the neck, back, and buttocks of his lady and kiss on her lips.

It will be very sensual sex, very gentle and passionate.

5. The Challenge

At very first glance this position may seem complex to you but trying it can completely change your mind.

  • The woman lies on her back bending her knees driving them apart and pick them up with one hand.
  • She holds herself at her ankle with the second one scratching her crotch.
  • By staying on his side, the male partner penetrates the woman’s vagina.
  • The man’s legs are slightly bent at the knees and driven apart.
  • The man holds the female partner’s using one of his hands. With the second one lifted, he holds her foot.

Common Problems Faced During Spooning

While spooning someone you should take certain things into account that may annoy them as well as make you uncomfortable. The first problem is where to put the arm that goes on the top? Here are certain tips for you if you don’t know where to put your arm:

  • Put it on the leg.
  • Put it on her hands on the pillow.
  • Grab her waist.

The second problem is where to rest the arm that goes below?

  • Slip it under her to grab her waist. Your arm will probably go numb.
  • Leave your arm between the two of you.
  • Put your arm under her pillow.

You need to decide where you are going to put your head, so that

  • Your partner’s hair doesn’t bother you.
  • You don’t cough on your partner.
  • You could drool on your partner.

Spooning is a great way to cuddle. You can spoon on your bed or even hang out on the couch with your loved one. Now you have the perfect guide to make yourself and your partner comfortable while enjoying your coziest moments together without much hassle.

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