Loving yourself is a good thing. If you know what I mean. 

Ever thought of enjoying the sense of pleasure and relaxation all alone without doing anything?? You can have fun in such a way with vibrators, yes. But what’s better and intriguing than this? That is vibrating panties!!!

Vibrating Panties

Yes, you read it right, vibrating panties are simply wearable vibrators. You can wear it anytime, anyplace.  If want to experience a thrilling sexual pleasure in public, you should definitely try it. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear it outside. You can have fun with yourself at home also or include it in your sexual routine with your lover. These are totally silent. 

Vibrating panties come with remote control through which you can control the intensity of the vibration. Take your sex life to the next level by handing over the remote to your lover and let him tease you and please you. Vibrating panties are getting popular and have a lot of potential in enhancing your sexual experiences. If you and your partner are hugely into foreplay, you should definitely try vibrating panties. 

How Does it Work?

These panties can be operated with a remote, Bluetooth and some have the facility to be controlled through apps in your phones. So, if you’re wearing these and your partner is someplace else, he can easily arouse you and give you pleasure anytime and anywhere. Of course, in the moment of pleasure, remember not to moan out loud if you’re outdoors. These panties have a small pouch where the mini vibrator is placed. The vibrator can be taken out when you have to wash those undies. Some vibrators have batteries in them and some can be recharged. Vibrating panties come in different styles and cuts of lingerie.

  • Bikini
  • Thongs
  • Hipsters
  • Boyshorts
  • Bodysuits

Popular and Demanded Vibrating Panties 

Below mentioned are some of the most recommended vibrating panties right now. 

1. Ohmibod club vibe 2.oh

This vibrating panty comes with 2 modes: Club mode and manual mode. On selecting the club mode, if you play any music, the vibrations will be made in accordance with the rhythm of the music. EVER THOUGHT OF HAVING AN ORGASM TO YOUR FAVOURITE MUSIC? You can with this one. It comes with 5 different speeds and patterns to suit your demands. The vibrator is USB rechargeable and can be used for 2 hours in one charge. NOT WATERPROOF.

2. Cheeky vibrating panty by adam & eve

This one is very pretty. It is a boy’s short-styled vibrating panty. But this doesn’t come with the Bluetooth connectivity but it has a vibrating bullet-like vibrator which you can slide inside the panty. This combo is available in plus size also.  You can enjoy it at 3 different speeds.

3. Wireless Venus butterfly by love honey

This beauty comes with a wireless removable multi-speed stimulator. It has an easy to use push button. IT IS WATERPROOF, LADIES. So you can have fun with this one in the bathtub or hot tubs as well. This panty is totally adjustable with removable waist and thigh straps. The stimulator runs on 1 AAA battery.

4. Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator by love honey desire

This one is designed with ribbon tie-ups on the sides. This panty has 12 different speeds with 8 patterns. You can control it wirelessly up to a distance of 8 meters. WATERPROOF. The vibrator can be recharged with a USB cable.

5. Screaming O My Secret Remote Control Panty Vibe

This is in the thong style. It comes with remote control and 10 different speeds for your pleasure only. The remote works up to an amazing 50 feet distance. The look of the remote control is in the form of an ordinary finger ring. Quite a discreet ha!

Vibrating Panties
Vibrating Panties 

6. Burlesque vibrating panty by Vogue

The main highlight of this product is that you can slip in the vibrator provided with any regular panty as well because of its larger size than the standard size. This remote controlled vibrating panty can be enjoyed from a distance up to 20 feet.  It comes with 10 different speeds.

In a world where we have so little time for ourselves and our partners, attention definitely must be paid to our sexual needs and try to make our sex lives exciting. Of course, the use of sex toys is totally your call.


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