Solo-Sex: 6 Benefits & Tips

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Mili Joseph
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Masturbation is a desire! 

But not every time it can be a getgo situation, sometimes you have to create that desire. 

Even if you are not seriously turned on, it can be really beneficial to make some quality time for masturbation. 

From relieving stress to improving health, masturbation has numerous perks! 

Before guiding you for the solo-sex, I want you to know about its benefits. 

Here are some of the Advantages of Solo-Sex:

  1. Feels Better- Masturbating is an important part of our nature. Humans seek pleasure and a solo-sex does feed an amazing feeling. 
  2. Improves sex- The most important benefit of solo sex is that the person can actually discover what he/she loves so that it won’t be difficult when his/her partner gets in on the action. 
  3. Stress buster- No matter what is your issue, a pleasant orgasm will wash away all your frustration.
  4. It will help you to be in the mood- There are many people out there whose sex interest in their relationship is declining. If you are also one of them, then you should start spending some alone time. Alone time will help you to get your interest back & bring that energy back on the bed with your better-half. 
  5. Because it is not a bad thing- Isn’t it awesome that we can feel amazing just using our hands. You should take advantage of your hands as much as you can!! 

Now, that you know the benefits, here are some of the excellent masturbation tips for you that will help both your body as well as mind to be ready for solo-sex.

1. Relax

Mental distraction is one of the most common mood-killers. People think about numerous unwanted things including what to buy at the grocery store or the deadlines you need to complete- all these just destroy or kill the arousal. 

In order to help yourself to stop the running list of events inside your head as well as get strong attention to your body, you can engage yourself in certain relaxing activities such as listening to music.

According to some experts, a shower or bath can also help to acquire that sensual mindset. 

Remember, when you will start focussing more on your body, it will directly increase your interest in self-pleasure.

2. Exercise

Exercise doesn’t mean you have to sweat out at a gym. Excellent blood flowing as well as endorphins running help to focus more on the body. 

After an intense workout, you should take some time to appreciate your strength &  most importantly your body. 

Sometimes, emotional self-love encourages physical self-love.

3. Adjust a perfect temperature

This is an essential aspect1 Make sure you keep a comfortable room temperature as this will combat away every distraction. 

You must have heard “warm & cozy” and it is not just a phrase.  There is certain research, which has proven that women orgasm more when they wear socks as this improves circulation.

4. Decide a special time

Getting caught is not a happening thing. Even fear of someone walking in is a mood-killer. 

Hence, block out a good amount of time and make sure that no one will interrupt. Keep in mind, never rush in solo sex.

5. Watch a seductive video before solo-sex

Unlike stereotypes, many research has proven that a woman gets visually triggered. Therefore, one of the easiest methods to turn on is to watch a good erotic video. 


6. Go for it, dear! 

You do not essentially need a mood to masturbate. Sometimes, experiencing physical pleasure can also get you in the mood. 

Arousal does not always come after desire, often arousal can result in desire as well. If you are liking the results of solo-sex including pleasure, relaxation, pain relief, good sleep at night, however, you are not in the mood, then you should put yourself in the mood first. 

Set out a little time to love yourself!!

All the best!!!

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