For all the vaginas out there, no words can define the amazing feeling of masturbating. It relaxes each cell of your body. And we are no more in the era where we should not talk about it. Masturbating is absolutely normal for both genders and people are quite vocal about it. But have you ever thought of masturbating on periods?

It may sound a little odd to some but also a very normal phenomenon of mixing masturbation and menstruation. Masturbating is good even when you are on your periods. At the same time, it is beneficial too. Not every female would like to discuss it in open but we will surely clear all the fog around masturbating while on periods. 

Here are a few reasons why masturbating on periods is totally okay rather beneficial while you are on your monthly cycle:

  • Do orgasms help period cramps?: When you are bid stricken because of cramps during that time of the month, masturbating on periods can help you big time. When you reach orgasm, it increases blood flow in your genitals and hence helps you with your cramps. Masturbation can be a pain killer too, isn’t that cool?
  • Regulates mood swings: Feeling obnoxious and pissed while on your period? Masturbate. Could there be a better solution? Masturbating releases happy hormones in the body and they overpower that negative feeling while you are PMS-ing. Masturbating on periods will keep you happy and satisfied.
  • Stronger and longer orgasm: The intensity of orgasm is at the highest level while masturbating on periods. Due to an increase in the blood flow at this time, hormones estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone play an important role. 
    When you masturbate, your estrogen level rises and progesterone level decreases, causing the rise of testosterone (not gender-specific). This is the reason why women feel extra horny while on periods. As a result, the intensity of orgasm is also at its peak.
  • Self-love is self-care: Menstruation time is the time when you should spend time with yourself and comfort yourself in whichever way you want and that includes masturbating too. 
    So go ahead grab your favorite sex toy, rub yourself and enjoy the treat to self. Doing what you want to do is very important while you have your chums and includes pleasuring yourself too.
  • Does masturbation shorten your period?: When you orgasm, the contractions shift the uterine lining wall more quickly. Hence, masturbating a few times can reduce the length of your periods by a day or two.
Masturbating on Periods
Masturbating on Periods
  • Fall asleep faster:  Many women have sleep troubles while they have their periods. Masturbating on periods makes you relaxed and hence you fall asleep faster and longer. You will no more be sleep-deprived during that time of the month if you masturbate before bedtime. Pleasuring yourself will be like a sleeping pill at the time of your periods.
  • Satisfies your sexual urge: Women feel hornier while they have their periods especially the ones who are sexually active. Masturbation is one of great ways to pleasure yourself when you don’t wish to indulge in period sex. Keeping yourself satisfied plays a major role in physical and mental well-being.

Tips to Minimize the Mess While Masturbating on Periods

  • masturbating with tampons: These are the menstrual products that can be left inside during penetration. Hence, there are minimum chances of creating a mess.
  • Playtime in the bath: Why not to do your self-pleasure session while taking a bath. This way you can get cleaned up after you are done. And let’s face it, things are sexier when you are in the shower.
  • Put on a condom on your toy: If you have your self-pleasure tool then you can put a condom on it to keep it clean and then carry on with your session as you like it. There cannot be a better way to do it.
  • Lay down a towel: Take an old towel and spread it under you so you can enjoy it freely. Let it get messed up on the towel and later on, you can clean your towel.
  • Commit to the mess: Be okay with the mess. Wear blood like war paint. Let it get messy and don’t give a damn. Don’t be hesitant in treating yourself because of the mess.

Any Effects of Masturbating on Periods?

The answer is ‘no’, masturbating cannot affect your period flow or period cycle in any manner. There are all sorts of myths about diseases, mental health problems, lead to blindness or complication in conceiving a child. These all are just untrue stories and have no scientific relevance. Masturbation on periods is as normal as masturbation on usual days. 

Is it ok to Masturbate on your Periods?

Self-pleasure has no risks unless and until you are taking care of hygiene. But if you are involving in period sex, it can lead to pregnancy depending upon your period cycle and it can also cause STD. So it is a myth that period sex cannot lead to pregnancy. Though the chances are quite minor there is still a little possibility. 

masturbating on periods has multiple positive effects on your physical and mental health. Moreover, there should not be any boundaries to self-love and self-care. So why let those monthly periods hinder your love for yourself. So now you are all clear about masturbating while on periods. So go for it!

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