The human body is an incredible machine. It is capable of some unimaginable things in this world, well hypothetically speaking. Sneeze in your sleep is quite common. 

What Causes Sneezing in your Sleep?

Sneezing is a type of response to stimuli. You sneeze when your body senses some sort of inappropriate situation. Some common reasons to make you sneeze are listed below:

1. Cold: Cold weather makes a person sneeze. Your body basically has a favorable temperature but when your body does not blend with the cold environment, you sneeze. During winter, sneezing is extremely common. This is because your body finds it uncomfortable to adjust with the outer freezing weather. Say, for instance, you have a blanket while you sleep. But unintentionally and without your knowledge, you removed the blanket from your body. This is when you will sneeze in your sleep. It is a process of your body telling you that you are cold. 

2. Allergy: Allergies are relatively widespread nowadays. Every second or third person suffers from allergies. This is another form of your body responding to its unfavorable surroundings. Any particular thing can make you allergic. Avoid that thing as much as you can. Consult a doctor and take precautionary measures. 

3. Dust: Have you been sleeping on a mattress, bed sheets or bed, which contains dust? If yes, then clean it immediately. Dust entering your nose will keep you sneezing while asleep. One should always stay and sleep in a neat and clean environment. Dust and dirt are the sources of an enormous amount of internal and external diseases. It is harmful to your skin too. Dust and dirt can cause irritation and skin diseases. 

4. Intrinsic dust: Sometimes, dirt gets accumulated inside our nose. This mainly happens due to the excessive amount of pollution in this world. These polluted air that we inhale contains a huge amount of dust particles. These particles are accumulated inside the nose and these dust irritate the nose. This leads to sneezing while sleeping. A massive proportion of pollution is hazardous to the health of both living beings in this world and our mother Earth. 

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Sneezing in your Sleep
Sneezing in your Sleep?

5. Smoke: Smoke is bad for your lungs. Smoke is nothing else but gas full of carbon in bulk. Do not inhale smoke or else it will surely make you sneeze at that very moment. You might even end up sneezing in sleep affecting the quality of your sleep. Continuous smoking or inhaling the smoke of the world will make your respiratory system weak. 

6. Animal Dander: Sometimes even your lovely pet can make you sneeze in your sleep. When you inhale, you suck in all the dust and impurities near your nose, including animal dander. Hence, it is always said that you should clean your bed before you sleep. 

7. Virus: If you catch a cold virus, you will surely keep on sneezing while sleeping. You will also have a runny nose then. 

8. Corona(COVID 19): COVID -19 comes under virus too but this is not a common virus. It is a deadly virus which is very infectious and extremely contagious. If you have even the slightest doubt of being attacked by a coronavirus, please take immediate action. Take precautionary measures, consult a doctor and isolate yourself from your loved ones. 

Sneezing in your Sleep
Sneezing in your Sleep?

Some other miscellaneous reasons that can be responsible for causing you to sneeze are:

  1. Reaction to ice cubes
  2. Plucking of eyebrows since the nerves are attached to your nostrils.
  3. Going on a high altitude, while travelling by air.
  4. The air striking your face at a high speed continuously, while riding on a bike or car.

What happens when you Sneeze?

It is advisable to cover your mouth while you sneeze. Take a handkerchief or a tissue because darling, you will shove out germs, mucus and saliva. 

The Truth Behind Sneezing While Sleeping: It is most popularly known that it is not possible to sneeze in your sleep. But this is not a myth, it is a fact. There are different stages of sleep. In some stages of your sleep, you can sneeze while in others, you can’t. 

REM(rapid eye movement): is the stage where you are in deep sleep and at complete rest. In this stage, your nerves which identify the tickling sensation are in absolute rest. At this stage, you can’t sneeze in sleep. Since the nerves can’t feel any sensation, they can’t reciprocate too. 

Light Sleep Cycle: In this phase where your nerves are still active to sense the irritational sensation. These nerves send messages to the brain to initiate a sneeze. It is only possible for you to sneeze in your sleep if you are at your light sleep situation. 

Do Children Sneeze At Night ?

Children are pretty much the same as an adult human being. Even a newborn baby acts the same way in the matter of sneezing. Only the threshold of tolerance might differ from a grown-up person. A baby or a young child can sneeze while they sleep if they are in the Light sleep cycle stage. 

Is it good to sneeze?

You know what, your body adapts itself to all kinds of situations. But while doing so, there can be a few bumps. Sneezing is another type of bump. If your body requires to sneeze you should definitely sneeze. Doing so will make your body light and fresh. The problem arises only when you sneeze continuously for a couple of times in a day. 

Benefits of Sneezing

  1. Opens up the blocked nerves
  2. Makes the body light and fresh
  3. Reduces the chances of suffering from headaches
  4. Helps to ease sinus problems
  5. Clears the nostrils
  6. Keeps you internally clean.

It is a good habit to sneeze once or twice every day. Doctors even say that the people who sneeze often have a low tendency of suffering from any sort of mental illness when compared to the ones who do not sneeze at all. So, here you go. You have all the information regarding sneezing. You can sneeze in your sleep and also when you are awake. Do not worry much and take care of your awesome body. 

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