Biting your tongue does not mean that here you have to stop saying what you want to say or be rude or unwanted. It is a medical condition that quite some people suffer from, mostly kids. It is similar to when you get your tongue in between your teeth when you are eating something. But there could be something serious that it can turn into. Sometimes some people tend to bite their tongue when they are asleep and some reasons could be behind this. Biting tongue in sleep might not sound much of a deal to you but it may result in ulcers and scalloping on the tongue, so it is important to know more about this. So if you are interested to know what causes and various treatments of tongue biting or biting tongue in sleep then continue reading further. 

What Are The Symptoms Of Tongue Biting In Sleep? 

You could be curious to know how it is that you will know that you are biting your tongue in sleep. We are all unconscious about what we do in our sleep and sometimes biting our tongue in sleep is not something you would just know about. So you need to look out for these symptoms if you want to find out- 

  • Ulcers 

These are very painful and discomforting symptoms of biting your tongue in your sleep. If you have been biting your tongue in sleep then it may result in ulcers on your tongue. Though other reasons may result in this if you are sure that there is nothing else that can cause them, then you are probably biting your tongue in your sleep.

  • Pain and Redness

If you bite your tongue in your sleep then it is obvious you would wake up with a little or more pain in your mouth. If you try to look at the reason behind it by checking inside your mouth then you will find out that you have redness or little wounds around your tongue that will develop into more painful ulcers. 

  • Bleeding

This one is an extreme case when you strongly bite your tongue and it starts to bleed. It can be treated but it will result in cuts and marks. So if you wake up and find that you are bleeding in your mouth then you probably bit your tongue in your sleep. 

  • Scalloping

Having scalloped edges or having a scalloped tongue means that the pressure that you apply on your tongue in your sleep develops into raw or uneven edges. This condition is common in people who have smaller spaces in their mouth and their tongue is constantly touching the teeth which develop into scallops. So if you notice these on your tongue then you are biting your tongue in your sleep. 

Causes Of Biting Tongue In Sleep 

Now if you have been observing these symptoms for a while and could not put a finger on what caused it then it could be one of the following: 

1. Facial Spasms

Mostly common with kids, a facial spasm is when the chin trembles during you are in sleep, this happens involuntarily so often your tongue gets into the way. If you observe your child doing this while in sleep then you need to take them to the doctor to prevent it from developing into something serious in the future. 

2. Lyme Disease

This is a medical condition that is not yet fully understood but symptoms like sensitivity to heat or cold, blurred vision, fatigue, and biting tongue and cheek. This is a serious problem that can lead to certain nervous issues. 

3. Bruxism

Bruxism is a condition where a person grinds or clenches their teeth during the night, sometimes it could be because of seeing a nightmare or even by getting aroused while in their sleep. This is a condition of the teeth and jaw but sometimes, you bite your tongue too which can get very painful and may cause wounds. 

4. Sleep Apnea

It is a sleep disorder but tongue-biting can be a common issue that people who have it complain about. A person suffering from sleep apnea tends to snore loudly and gasp in their sleep. It is common with people who have large facial muscles around the mouth and/or a large tongue. 

biting tongue
Biting Tongue In Sleep

5. Rhythmic Movement Disorder

This condition is common with children who tend to get into a rhythmic movement while in their sleep. This includes banging their head on something, rocking their bodies, making humming sounds, and sometimes these may result in tongue biting.

How To Stop Biting Tongue In Sleep?

Here are some ways to stop biting your tongue in sleep. 

1. Seek Medical Care

You cannot be sure that you have this condition until you get medical advice. So consult your doctor if you have doubts about it. If you are diagnosed then you can take medications or therapy to heal it. 

2. Wearing a Mouthguard

This one is very useful if you have a kid who bites their tongue in their sleep. This is useful to prevent any injuries. You can consult a doctor before you choose a mouthguard. 

3. Look for Some Stress Release

Bruxism is caused by extreme stress. So if it is a cause for biting your tongue in sleep then you need to get involved in some stress-relieving activities. Sometimes the best treatment to relieve some stress is to go for therapy. 

4. Discontinue any Illicit Drug Intake

If you have been on some illicit drugs then it can also result in biting your tongue in sleep. So the only way to treat it is by discontinuing its use.

So if you have just found out about this that you have been biting your tongue in your sleep, then don’t panic. Like any other medical condition, this one is treatable too. If you have only started seeing these bite marks on your tongue then you can easily get rid of them. Remember to share this newfound knowledge with someone who comes to you seeking some help regarding biting tongue in sleep. 

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