It brought us face-to-face with the reality that remarkable youth are so dependent on the smartphone that they can’t help themselves from staying away from it. Smartphones have taken over our lives. To address child mobile addiction, and smartphone dependence, many publications carriers have designed technology that provides parents control over their kids’ use of their smartphones and other gadgets.

Tips to Deal With Child Mobile Addiction

  • Keep your kid occupied: With shortening playtimes, more and more youngsters prefer staying indoors. This has resulted in kids spending their time playing with toys. Where the rest get hooked to electronic gadgets like smartphones, iPad, and computers to double up their entertainment. To stop this routine from happening, you can consider taking your child out to the playground or some nearby park to allow him to spend his time playing and running with his friends. This is one of the best ways to enroll him in a neighborhood sports center.
  • Restrain the use of smartphones: As smartphones are now an essential part of our daily routine, it is challenging to keep them away from kids. As sooner or later, your child may end up using your phone and get pinned to the device. Hence, it is advisable to make your child know that she can use your smartphone, but only for a short period. Warn the use of gadgets while mealtimes, study times, bedtime. Plan a family deal for internet usage that involves things such as hours of usage.
 Child Mobile Addiction
 Child Mobile Addiction
  • Communicate with your child: The lively colors and amazing animations emerging on the smartphone screen seem fascinating to children. Speak to your kid about the adverse impacts of smartphone use on well-being. Explain to him charts that illustrate the multiple disadvantages or one of the videos accessible on the internet.
  • Set passwords for your gadgets: You can’t be around your child to prevent him from using a device now and then. In such a circumstance, modern technology itself can come to your redemption. You can set a password on your smartphone so that your child cannot use it when you’re not around him.
  • Set a good example for your child: Several parents consume a lot of time on their smartphones. In such situations, asking your child not to use phones may not help, as they tend to follow their parents’ footsteps. So, be a real role model for your child by narrowing your smartphone usage. Nevertheless, if your job demands mobile usage, do it elsewhere and not nearby your child.
  • Improve your bond with your little one: Although most parents live a hectic lifestyle, it is necessary to take out some time for bonding ventures with your children. You can play board games or try to engage your child accompanying you in activities like cooking or planting, will keep your little one away from smartphones or electronic devices. You can further assist your child in pursuing hobbies like playing football, learning a new activity, listening to music, reading, or painting.

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 Child Mobile Addiction
 Child Mobile Addiction

Aside from following the tips mentioned above to keep your child away from the smartphone, you can likewise follow these tips to guard him against the adverse impacts of mobile phone radiation.

Ways to Protect Your Child from the Smartphone

  • Buy a mobile phone with a low radiation level: With the aid of smartphones growing inescapable, it is more beneficial to buy one with a low Specific Absorption Rate value. It is the volume of radiation received per kilogram of body tissue. You can also monitor your phone’s SAR rate by dialing *#07#. The highest SAR level supported in India is 1.6 W/kg.
  • Prevent using gadgets while travelling: Keep your phone apart from your child during travelling in a moving vehicle, like a bus, car, or train. A smartphone in a moving vehicle keeps looking for the signal and, in this process, releases more transmission.
  • Don’t let your child converse via smartphone: Multiple times, chances are that people with whom you are speaking may demand you to make your child converse to them. You can gently tell that you will call them back through your landline phone and give it over to your child to talk to them.

Smartphone Dependence can also negatively affect your child’s life by

  • Rising loneliness and panic: While it might appear that spending your time online will provisionally make emotions such as detachment, despair, and dullness disappear into thin air, at times, it can make you feel even more inferior. Especially teenagers are bound to compare themselves adversely with their peers on social media platforms, developing feelings of loneliness, sadness, and even anxiety.
  • Deficit disorders: The continuous beeping of text messages and data from a smartphone can overwhelm your brain and make it difficult to concentrate on any one thing for more than a few minutes externally feeling constrained to jump on to something else.
  • Decreasing your capability to analyze and think deeply and creatively: The patterned buzz or beep of your phone can divert an individual from basic tasks, resulting in slowing their activity and disrupt those calm times that are important to be creative and even rational reasoning. Rather than being alone with our beliefs, we’re now constantly online and hooked to some gadget.
  • Favoring self-absorption: A survey discovered that somebody who spends most of their time on social media is more prone to exhibit adverse personality attributes well-known as narcissism. Snapping unending photos, posting all your feelings or aspects about your life online can generate toxic self-centeredness, distancing a person from real-life connections, and making it more challenging to cope with anxiety.

Developing sound practices and lifestyle head to better health, not only in kids but grown-ups too! So, keeping your child aside from the mobile phone would not only benefit him but also have a positive influence on you. So, keep the smartphone and gadgets away and spend some quality family time.

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