Drawbacks of Mobile Phone

Even if people know that they might be addicted to their smartphone, they often do not have a good enough reason to put the phone down. Well, we are here to change just that! Read below to find out the many drawbacks of mobile phone and what your smartphone is doing to you!

Impact of Mobile on Health

Do you find yourself checking your phone even when there are no notifications? Chances are that you may be addicted to your phone like many of us! People tend to brush their excessive use of a smartphone as a necessity, but we all know the truth deep down. 

Drawbacks of Social Networking: Your memory gets affected

The KTH Royal Institute of Technology conducted a study where they found that overexposure to social media reduces your memory capacity. Erik Fransén, a science professor at the KTH, said that the brain is quite easily overloaded when browsing social media. This subsequently causes the brain to retain less information. 

When we scroll social media, our brain has to deal with multiple pieces of information quickly, but our short-term memory can only retain about three-four items at a time. This means that your social media presence actively reduces your brain’s memory capacity which can be considered as a major drawback of a phone in once life. 

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Drawbacks of Internet Revolution: Using a phone in the toilet

According to a study, 90% of the people take their phones to the bathroom, which means that there is a good chance you are reading this on the toilet! If you are someone who does take their phone to the loo with them, you know how annoying it can be to forget it outside. This is because people do not want to be alone with their thoughts and with the smartphone right there, they don’t have to.

There is no way to avoid your cell phone from contracting germs. But, when you take your phone to the bathroom, you increase the chances of contamination. Just think of all the places we keep our phones at and then how we put the phones on our faces. The germs easily get on our hands as well and it’s all downhill from there! Taking the cell phone to the toilet is like giving an open invitation to the germs and pathogens to party in your belly.

Disadvantages of Social Media: You are missing out on life

Have you ever looked up from your phone to realize you have no idea what is going on around you? There are so many instances where we are so engrossed in our phones that we lose track of all that is happening around us. We get so busy watching a video or liking a picture that many interesting memories pass right by us without us even knowing. A study by the University of Essex found that people who use their phones often seem less relatable than others. They also come across as more negative than the people who are not always on their phones. 

There are a lot of other drawbacks of mobile phone, it can damage your eyes, hands, and even your neck. Looking away at your phone while driving causes many accidents every single day. The gist is that there are a lot of drawbacks of the phone. But when it is such an integral part of your day, it can be difficult to stop.  Thankfully there are many apps on Android as well as Apple that help limit your screen time. You can set the timer for the apps that you use. It will lock the apps if you exceed the set time. You can unlock the apps easily if you want or need to access them, but it is a great reminder to put your phone down. 

Just being conscious of when, where, and how you use the phone will help in reducing your screen time. When you are with your family and friends, try being in the moment and resist the urge to use your phone. You can also start by not taking your cell phone to the bathroom and give the brain a much-needed break. Also making little efforts to not use your phone before heading to bed or right after waking up can make a huge difference. Not only will it help reduce the impact of mobile on health, but it will also help your mind catch up and function normally without being constantly interrupted. 

Social Media
Social Media

It can be hard to put your phone down especially when everyone else is on their phones. But, it is a big step that you will definitely appreciate over time. With the drawbacks of mobile phone seen above, it is time to stop living your life through the screen and start living it with the moment.  

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