Tired of bothering yourself to drive up to the pedicurist and be dissatisfied with the service? Want to pamper your feet the right way at home? Why not try a home pedicure to end all your woes! 

Go at your own pace, tend your nails the way you like it and we assure you, you’ll never go to a pedicurist again once you realize how easy and fun doing your pedicure is. The pandemic has taught us self-dependency, it’s time we implement it on mastering pedicure hacks. 

Home Pedicure
Home Pedicure 

Simple Steps for At-Home Pedicure 

There is a huge range of at-home pedicure tools to choose from. Always buy tools that look sturdy and are in a mid-range when it comes to the price. Here are at-home pedicure tools you’ll need: 

  • Nail cutter 
  • Nail filer 
  • A good exfoliator 
  • Foot scrubber 
  • Callus remover 
  • Foot scraper 
  • Foot file
  • Nail polish remover 
  • Nail polish
  • Top drying coat of nail polish 

You can also purchase at-home pedicure tools online or you can opt to purchase a home pedicure kit which might just become your favorite investment. 

1. Get rid of the old layer of nail polish

Take a cotton pad and a few drops of nail polish remover. Now, gently rub the cotton pad around your toenail with the old layer of nail polish.  Keep rubbing until there’s no sign of the old nail paint anymore. And voila! You have a fresh base ready to be painted.  This step prepares your toes for a new layer and a fresh color. Applying nail polish on a half-peeled old layer makes it look unappealing, so get your cotton pads out! 

2. Quick rinse 

Before you start pampering your feet by placing them in a hot tub of water, make sure to give them a quick rinse. Going places all day and sweating in your shoes is common, make sure you rinse your feet before the pedicure as it provides you with a clean base to work on.  It also helps get rid of bacteria and sweat, making your feet ready for an at-home pedicure. 

3. Rest your feet in warm water 

The main advantage of a home pedicure is that you can rest your feet as long as you wish, even half an hour or an hour, who cares? Get a tub of hot or warm water, whatever temperature suits you, and get your feet in them. Let your feet soak while you can relax, take a nap, or go through your phone. 

Make sure to rest your feet in the hot water for a minimum of 15-20 minutes and a maximum of an hour. Now you have a pair of happy feet ready to be groomed! 

4. Exfoliate and scrub 

Make use of your home pedicure kit and bring out the foot scrubber to tend to your feet. Apply a good exfoliating mask and gently scrub it away. This makes sure your feet are dead-skin cells-free.

5. Cut, file, and tend to your feet

Another step where your home pedicure kit will come in handy. Cut your nails, shape them with a filer, remove a callus with the callus remover on your heel, use all the equipment in your kit to make home pedicure quick, easy and fun. 

6. Cuticle Oils

Have you only been hydrating and moisturizing your feet completely ignorant of the fact that your nails and cuticles need to be moisturized too? This is what cuticle oils are for. Take a few drops of cuticle oil and apply it gently on and near your cuticles.

Make sure to always use cuticle oils to prevent dry brittle nails and a healthy cuticle. Home pedicure is a great experience when you pamper yourself and pay attention to detail, like taking care of your cuticles. 

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7. Moisturize 

After your cuticles come your feet. You can choose anything to moisturize your feet with. It can either be a moisturizer or essential oil, whatever works best for you. Take some moisturizer in your palms and gently rub it on your feet by massaging it. This also gives your feet a good massage and relaxes the muscles. 

8. Apply the base coat of nail polish 

Once you’re done with all the steps, it’s time to paint! Paint your nails with your favorite colors and patterns. First, apply the base coat and let it dry out. Don’t rush when applying nail paint this ensures that the strokes are clean and tidy. 

9. Apply the first layer of color 

When the base coat dries ut, apply the first layer of your nail polis. You can go for one or two layers but make sure you apply consecutive layers after the previous one dries out completely. It’s okay to make some mistakes and get nail paint on your cuticles or toes, remember it can always be removed by a nail-polis remover so paint away! 

10. Finish it off with a topcoat

Once you’re done and satisfied with the color of your choice and how your toenails look, go ahead with the final drying coat. Usually, topcoats dry quickly and hide strokes giving your toenails an amazing finish. And just like that, your feet are ready to take over the world with a home pedicure! 

Don’t have the time to invest in pampering your feet? Opt for home pedicure service. These services come right at your doorstep and give you a pedicure while you can sit back and relax. Home pedicure service is a great way to pamper yourself when you have kids at home to be taken care of. 

You can also choose the time convenient for you. After coming back home from a long day of work, treat yourself to a home pedicure that relaxes and grooms your feet. If you’re covid conscious and want to avoid public places but also want to groom your feet, a home pedicure service is the way to go. 

Be it you learning to give yourself the best pedicure or opting for a home pedicure service, now you know one thing for sure, pampering your feet is a form of self-care and self-love. So make sure to spoil and pamper yourself once in a while. 

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