Don’t we all love a good spa session? Especially pedicure at home ! The relaxing and calming massage and scrubbing on the feet just feels so amazing; but when was the last time you got your pedicure done? Do you remember it? It’s been one and a half year of everybody being stuck at their homes and shops and salons being closed. Even when they did open up many people were skeptical to venture to salons fearing contamination.

Slowly salons are opening again, but the prices in this time of crisis are way too high for many people to afford. But then what should one do in this case? Leave caring for their skin or pampering their skin? Absolutely not! There are many ways and products that you can use at your home to pamper yourself and your skin. And today we are going to discuss tricks and tips in which you can give yourself a flawless and professional pedicure at home.

How to Have Perfect Pedicure at Home?

A pedicure is nothing but a cosmetic treatment for your feet and toes, in simple words, more like a pampering session for your feet and toes to make them feel relaxed after walking and working for long hours. After all, aren’t feet the part of your body that works the most?

10 Steps For A Flawless Pedicure At Home

Here are the best tips and tricks to get a flawless professional pedicure at home:

Soak your feet in warm water

Before starting the pedicure process, take a half-full bucket of warm water, add 2 spoonful of salt and stir it once. Dip your feet in it and let it stay for 10-15 minutes. This will remove dirt and other germs from your feet and if your feet are itchy, it will provide relief. It will also make you feel more fresh and energetic. This will give you the feel of a professional pedicure at home.

Pedicure At Home
Pedicure At Home

Take a foot spa or a tub

Take a foot spa and fill it with warm water, if you don’t have a foot spa you can just use any normal tub, just make sure that your feet fit in that tub and are soaked in water. You can add any liquid soap, soap crystals, or essential oil of your choice. Dip your feet in the water and let it stay for some minutes, it will help moisten the skin for an easier cleaning process.  Although using a foot spa would give you the feel of a professional pedicure at your own home.

Scrub your feet with pumice

While your feet are soaked in water, use a pumice stone to rub your feet to remove the dead skin cells. If you don’t have a pumice stone, you can use a normal stone with a slightly rough edge too, just make sure that the stone is clean so that you don’t get any unwanted infections.

Scrub your feet with a foot scrub

This is an optional step. Remove your feet from the foot spa and pat them dry with a towel. Then take a foot scrub or any normal scrub of your choice and scrub each of your feet for a minimum of 5 minutes. Scrubbing your feet will help improve blood circulation, soften your skin, and even out calluses.

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Pedicure At Home
Pedicure At Home

Apply cuticle cream on your cuticle and nails 

After rinsing off the scrub, dry your feet and apply cuticle cream on your cuticles and nails and massage it. Applying cuticle cream helps the nails and cuticle stay strong and hydrated. It also helps repair cuticles and smooth dry skin.  If you don’t have a cuticle cream then you can use coconut oil in place of it too, it helps in soothing and hydrating the nails and cuticles too. You can find a cuticle cream at any professional pedicure store or online on shopping websites.

Press your cuticles back

The next step for your flawless pedicure is pushing back your cuticles to give your nails a perfect shape. You can use a metal pusher to push your cuticles back gently, if you don’t have a metal pusher then you can use an ice cream stick or the back of a pen too, just wrap some cotton on the back of the pen or ice cream stick, wet it and use it to gently push your cuticles back, easy, isn’t it?

Wash your feet

Now that you have pushed your cuticles back, wash your feet with soap and let the cuticles relax a bit, and then apply the cuticle cream again. Avoid using coconut oil this time as it will make the skin a bit oily.

Pedicure At Home
Pedicure At Home

Cut your nails and shape them

A lot of people cut their nails the wrong way, they try to cut it in a shape and then define that shape which then results in either the nail getting too short or a different kind of shape. The right way of cutting your nails is to cut them straight across and then slowly shape them with the nail cutter.

Apply foot cream to your feet

The second last step of your flawless pedicure at home is to apply foot cream on your feet and massage it nicely. Rub the cream completely on your feet and feel the smoothness of your feet. If you don’t have a foot cream, then you can use shea butter or any body-lotion that’s not too sticky.

Give your nails a new look

No pedicure is complete without a nail makeover, paint your nails with the brightest of colors and designs to match your skin tone and flaunt it all day.

Pedicure At Home
Pedicure At Home

See, a pedicure can be done in just these 10 steps, nothing extra is needed and no extra money to spend and you thought a pedicure at home was tough. The perfect flawless professional pedicure at your home in just an hour, what else do you need in life? For flawless and smooth feet, it is advisable to give yourself a pedicure once every week, and now that you know these simple tricks of a pedicure at home, you can pamper your feet whenever you want.

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