Shaving your head might be a very risky decision for some. Whatever the reason might be, shaving your head is an empowering yet a little perilous decision. Things you should remember before you shave your head. Many people think having your head shaved may grow your hair longer and thicker and some may prefer no hair on their hair because maybe they find managing their hair a hassle. 

Well, whatever the reason there might be, we are going to tell you about something incredible today! Have you ever considered the benefits of shaving your head and what should you know before shaving your head?  Let’s get onto some amazing benefits of shaving your head, some disadvantages of it, and what to know before shaving your head.

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Benefits Of Shaving Your Head 

Today, a shaved head isn’t just a reason related to a health condition that affects hair growth but people now shaving off their head because they want a new look. It looks as badass on women as it looks on men. Many women are opting for bald heads for aesthetics and fashion and being honest, they look badass with this look! Here are some benefits of shaving head you should know: 

1. The Solution to Hair Loss 

Hair loss can happen due to many health conditions and a lack of hair care. It’s not just common men but women as well. Receding hairline, thinning hair, and irregular growth patterns can be annoying. Certain health conditions like alopecia aerate can cause hair loss. Treatments and remedies can be helpful but they take a lot of time, energy, and money but if you decide to let them go, shaving your head can be a great option for you! 

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2. You Save a Lot of Money

If you are stringent about saving money then shaving your hair can save you a lot! We all spend a lot of money on our hair. Whether it’s cutting, blow-dry, coloring, or expensive hair washes, we tend to be high maintenance when it comes to our hair. Shaving your head can be a great idea for saving a lot of money from these types of extravagant expenses.

3. Draws Attention to your Nicest Features 

Shave Your Head
Shave Your Head

Many of us will relate to the fact that our hairstyle or hairline can distract others from the favorable features of our looks. This problem can be solved by just shaving your head as you have a more simplified yet classy look that is easier to maintain. 

4. Saves you a Lot of Time 

Shaving your head is truly low maintenance and removes the hassle of styling and washing your hair. The long process of washing, combing, drying, and styling your hair for a neat look, which gets destroyed by the end of the day anyways can be eliminated by shaving your head. It saves you time, energy and yes as said earlier, a lot of money! 

What Are The Cons Of Shaving Your Head?

Shaving your head comes up with benefits and drawbacks as well! If you’ve never had a bald head before, there’s a chance you won’t like it. 

It can also cause a few problems, like: 

  • Frequent shaving can cause dry and itchy scalp. You need to be careful not to scratch it and hydrate it with moisturizer daily.
  • Shaving your head can also cause cuts and nicks which are painful at times. It may also cause razor burns on your head.
  • You can also find ingrown hair which can cause inflammation. It is more likely to happen if you have the right curly hair.
  • The smoothness of a shaved head doesn’t last long. You would need to shave it every day as the hair grows quickly for some people.
  • Unsolicited commentary is always there, especially for women which gives you unwanted attention and you don’t have to acknowledge that attention. It’s not your obligation to explain yourself to anyone!

Things to Remember Before you Shave Your Head 

Before you shave your head, make sure you are aware of some things. Here are they: 

Shave Your Head
Shave Your Head

1. Your Hair can Grow Fast 

For some people, hair growth is pretty rapid. So, if you’ve gone bald, make sure to get your trimmer to avoid touch-ups and avoid any unnecessary expense of maintaining your bald head. All you need is a mirror, a buzzer, and a little skill. 

2. Know How your Trimmer Works 

Buzzers come in a lot of sizes and features. Make sure you know how to use it if you are going to touch up your bald head every once in a while. You do not want unwanted cuts and razor burns on your head. 

3. You have a Bunch of Styling Prospects 

Having a bald head opens up a lot of possibilities for styling like coloring. Funky colors on a bald head look dapper, especially on women. Also, you will require much less bleach and you can even do it yourself, so no hassle at all! 

4. You Should Cut the Length Before Trimming 

Before you start trimming it, make sure to cut the length. That way, you can manage the buzzer easily. 

5. You’re going to Petted 

This might be the most annoying part of being bald but yes, people are going to want to pet you a lot. This might be satisfying for some but for some, it might be annoying. 

6. You Require Few Supplies for Maintaining it 

You do not require a lot of expensive supplies to maintain your bald head. Make sure to get a shower after a trim as it will get itchy and uncomfortable for you. After trimming, you can use a razor to get the small hair out. This might be a little tough as you can get cuts and burns.  

This was all about shaving head benefits, drawbacks, and things to remember before you decide to shave your head. So, if you’re looking for an incredible change in your look, a bald head can be a great choice, only if you are into it! 

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