Traditionally, men used to step out to earn while women stayed back and took care of the household. But recent times have seen a huge shift in that area. Now more women choose to work, whether it is to help bear the expenses or to gain independence. Follow these rules to achieve marital bliss. However, women are also expected to take care of the house while they work. On average, a woman spends more time tidying up than a man does. 

But, if marital bliss is what you want, then you will have to share the chores! Sex expert Dr. Ian Kerner recommends that a couple should do chores together. Not only will it help the task go quicker, but it is also a great way to grow the relationship. With our busy lives, it is so easy to fall into monotonous patterns and lose the spark. But even a task like washing dishes could strengthen the relationship with your partner. 

How to Split Chores?

Many couples plan to share household duties but, as the days go by, one of them gets stuck doing all the work. It can often be challenging to split the chores equally. No one wants to wash the dishes or clean the bathroom, but someone has to do it. We have come up with a few helpful tips that would help you decide who does what without fighting over it:

1. Prioritize

You have to prioritize well to make this work. What may be important for one person may not be important for the other? Sometimes, you have to compromise to make it work. For certain couples, a disorderly home is not a big deal, while for others, it might be a big deal. You both have to figure out what works for you and work a routine around that. 

2. Agree on a timetable

Split Chores
Split Chores

This involves keeping your partner’s body clock in mind. Some people want to do their share of the chores before they head to the office. But many like to do it when their day is done and they don’t have to hurry. Knowing their preferences can help share the chores. Another crucial aspect of making the timetable work is to communicate with each other. Sit down every week and discuss how the coming week is looking for you. If one of you is going to be busy, then the other person may need to step up or figure out a way to take care of the chore. 

3. Hire Help

Hiring help is often a viable option that can prevent many fights. Getting a helper might save you from doing chores that you hate to do. Unfortunately, it is often frowned upon. The society is quick to label the woman as incompetent if she needs help with household chores. But the same is never said for a man.  It is vital that you focus on what matters to you and your partner. If getting help is a smart choice and you can financially afford it, then do not let society dictate your decisions. Paying someone else to do the chores would save you precious time. You could spend that time relaxing and catching up with your partner.

Unequal allocation of chores can cause stress in the relationship. Surveys and studies have regularly shown that women who have jobs also have to manage the household. Sharing that responsibility with your partner will help improve marital satisfaction. It is also great for male partners as women are attracted to men who pitch in.  One of the biggest causes of stress for married women is related to household chores. More than not, women complain of their partners not helping around the house. According to a study, couples who do chores together are happier and have a better relationship with one another.

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