Blake Lively says, “The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.” Well if you are lacking that because of your body shape, you can always wear shapewear (aka the foundation garment). We are so different when it comes to our body types. Some may be happy the way they are but if you want to switch up and see what shapewear can do you have to choose the right one for your body type. It’s the same as lipsticks – one shade doesn’t suit all, right? It is the same with foundation garments. In this article, we are going to help you become a smart shapewear shopper. First, you need to identify your body type there are 5 main kinds mentioned below. 

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Next, you have to decide what types of shapewear suits your body best.

A List Of Shapewear For Women

Here is the list of some best shapewear for women:

  •  Plunge Bodysuit

Bodysuits in general are ideal for women who need a little bit of instant toning in their back and hip area. It covers those fatty bits on your lower back and sides. If the material is thick enough it can cover up the cellulite marks on your booty as well. Plunge bodysuits are god-send for when you have to wear those glamorous v-cuts and deep necks. They work especially well for women who need toning in their lower half but also need support for their breasts. We recommend these for women with pear-shaped body types, all types of hourglass figures and the diamond-shaped body type.

  • Strapless Bodysuit

They perform the same function as plunge bodysuits except they are specially designed for strapless and one-shoulder type clothes.

Bodysuits come in two types

  1. With a bikini cut bottoms – these types are highly recommended if you want to give you butt that extra lift
  2. Thigh-length bottoms – These are ideal if you have those flabby bits of fat and/or skin on your thighs. They synch in and keep everything in place.
  • Mid-Thigh Shorts

Mid-thigh shorts are more similar to bodysuits than you would think. Like bodysuits covers those extra bulges on your tummy, hips and waist. Unlike bodysuits, it is designed for women who don’t need extra support. The thigh-length coverage keeps the flab on your thighs in place. We recommend these for all body types but Apple shape, Top hourglass and oval should steer clear. 

  •   High waist briefs

On the same note as mid-thighs high waisted briefs do pretty much the same job. The only difference – they can give that extra lift to your butt. A downside is that it does not synch in your thighs. Since they have similar functions the body types we recommend for mid-thigh shorts are also the ones we recommend for briefs.

 High waist briefs
  •   Tank Tops

Nows here’s something different. Tank top foundation garments are a hidden gem as compared to briefs and shorts. When we said Apple shape, Top hourglass and oval should steer clear of the above two we were saving this for you. It tones and smooths your back and front – which includes your lower back, sides and tummy. But you gotta be careful when you buy these since some of these shapers can flatten your bust as well. So make sure you buy the ones that have different and lighter fabric on the bust area. These come with two types of straps – 1. Spaghetti straps & 2. Wide straps. You can pick and choose according to your convenience. 

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  •   Arm Tights

Although we said that Tank tops are rare, Arm tights are rarer. They are usually full sleeves but can sometimes even be elbow length. These are fashion essentials when you want to wear those fitted full sleeves tops. They can be worn by anybody type but our girls with athletic bodies are going to love these

  • Long slip 

These perform pretty much the same function as the Tank tops except they are longer and designed especially for dresses. They create a gorgeous silhouette for those stunning dresses you have stacked in your closet. They are as also ideal for when you need a cover-up for your sheer dresses. 

  •   Wirefree Bra

It works best for curvy women who always have struggled with finding comfortable shapewear that will provide enough support. These bras smooth out your upper back while providing enough support.

  •   Tummy tucker

For all the lagged with rectangle body shape, this is for you. Although it can be worn by anybody shape it is no less than the holy grail for women who struggle with belly fat and flab along their sides. But choosing the right tummy tucker can be more difficult than you think. A lot of the time roll and cause bulges. So, you need to pick the one that has special tidbits like a silicon lining on the top and bottom.

  • Saree Shapewear

All the above are common shapewear for women but these are a speciality for Indian women. A must-have to rock that desi look. Saree shapers not only do the same job as any other foundation wear, but they also prevent bulges along the line where the saree is tucked. They are comfortable and give a mermaid-like silhouette. 

  • Corset

Corsets have a long history as shapewear. They have been used in the west and also in parts of India. Although nowadays they are mostly considered as lingerie. They have the same function as tummy tuckers except they can be fastened as tight or loose as the wearer wants it. Whatever shapewear you choose (or don’t choose) remember wearing shapewear is to boost your confidence and make you feel good about your self. It is not a means to gain public validation or have the perfect body. Perfection is a myth, Flawed is beautiful. 

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