What Lies Underneath Matters: Lingerie Helps To Empower Women

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lingerie helps to empower women
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lingerie helps to empower women!

Ladies, have you ever wondered what is the purpose of lingerie? Is it just to protect your modesty, hold your boobs in place so that they don’t jiggle, or keep your nipples from showing underneath your clothes.

Take the middle path while choosing lingerie, marrying sensuality and comfort

For most women, the purpose of her bras and panties is extremely utilitarian. When we think about sexy lingerie, all that we associate with it is the seduction of men in the bedroom, (it most certainly works *wink wink*), which is to be discarded on the floor two minutes later. But that’s where we have got it wrong, it’s purpose is a lot more.

For women, everything in life is seen in retrospect to what others would think, even something as personal as lingerie. The good pair of bustier and knickers are brought out only for date nights and special occasions. But why so?? Don’t we deserve to feel special, say on a random Tuesday?

Yes, we most certainly do. Those dainty pieces of undergarment can help in unleashing the inner goddess in you. It most certainly helps in empowering women and makes them be who they really want to be, underneath the external facade.

Women are often judged by the clothes that we wear, so we mostly dress to appease others- the modest blouse instead of the plunging neckline, the hem of the dress a little longer than you would actually want.

3 reasons for immediately buying a pair of fancy lingerie

Your opinion is what matters. Have you looked at yourself in the mirror and felt unflattering and that mood has percolated the entire day. Those period stained briefs and practical bras have never made any women feel the oomph. Imagine yourself in a pair of lacy bras and satin underwear-well isn’t that a delicious thought!

  • It helps you feel empowered: women empowerment isn’t necessarily strutting about in an androgynous suit, but the delicate thing that lies underneath. Research has shown that there is a significant boost in self-confidence and esteem. The ultimate goal of lingerie is to impress yourself, and those satiny soft undies can work its wonder in making you feel beautiful in your skin.
  • Gets you in touch with your feminine side: we live in a highly masculine world, and to succeed women end up embracing that side especially in their attire. A lacy bra can make you feel sexy without and be in touch with your feminine side. Lace bras not only look and feel good but are easy on the upkeep too. Channel your sexual confidence and conquer the world.
  • A secret that you own: a lacy bra is that secret which you choose to reveal or not. It is like a secret that you carry throughout the workday, which often helps you overcome the tedious journey through traffic or the boring presentations at work.

Invest in a good pair of lace bras. It is important to properly fit, as 80% of women were the wrong size. Visit a standalone lingerie store and ask the assistant for a proper bra fitting. The right bra size will give proper support to your boobs and also make you look slimmer and more well put together.

The various types of lingerie that you most certainly were unaware of

Lingerie consists not just t-shirt bras and panties but a plethora of options like :

lingerie helps to empower women
  • Garters and belts
  • Teddy and bodysuits
  • Baby doll and negligee
  • Chemise
  • Corset
  • Camisoles
  • Rob       
  • Romper        
  • Stockings and pantyhose        
  • Bralette     
  • Lingerie set

I fail to understand why the discussion of lingerie styles isn’t mainstream like other our outerwear garments. The intricate lace detailing, ribbon designs, ruffles, and gems, and embellishments attached to it, make the demure bra not just a means to cover your modesty but rather to uncover your hidden inner goddess.

Expensive lingerie can make you fall in love with your body

lingerie helps to empower women

A woman’s mood is infamous, and there should be complimentary lingerie. So if you are feeling romantic get into those satin panty sets or the times you feel flirty opt for some push-up bras and thongs. Feeling lazy, get the cotton briefs or on the casual days to don the t-shirt bra. The options are plentiful.

A contributor in the Cosmopolitan website undertook an experiment of wearing fancy lingerie to bed for a week. The sex with her boyfriend wasn’t just mind-blowing but most importantly she fell in love with how the exquisite materials like lace and silk began to feel against her body. She discovered a newfound confidence and became more comfortable in her body. 

Another writer also took to wearing sexy lingerie for a week and her whole life changed. She began to feel a subtle change in herself and began to feel more connected with her body. It makes you feel indulgent and fancy while being extremely comfortable. Nowadays, comfort is the new sexy. You also end up feeling like an Instagram sensation. You can click some racy photographs for the days you end up wearing your granny panties. 

A nice pair of lingerie makes women feel empowered and helps to live and enjoy the present. The very idea that you can wear a luxurious set of undergarments without any bedroom romp is simply awesome!

So the next time you go shopping, instead of reaching out for the nude/black/white bras, opt for something risqué. To start slowly, invest in a matching pair of bra and panties, and check your reflection in the mirror, you are bound to feel better. Lacy bras are fancy without being OTT.

Most women end up thinking that spending the extra buck on lingerie is a frivolous indulgence, but can there be a price to your happiness, sensuality, and confidence?

So buy the lingerie for yourself ALONE, because only you matter and every woman is entitled to feel amazing!!!! 

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