Hair colors are a new luxury. Whether you are looking for a new change in your life or are just playing with your hair to follow new hair trends, hair color is great for a good start. Blonde is one of the vibrant and distinctive colors you can choose for your hair. One of the variations of blonde hair color you can try is mushroom blonde which is an assortment of brunette and blonde, sounds interesting enough? You might’ve discovered mushroom blonde on Pinterest or Instagram, it’s time you try this hot and trendy hair color yourself. There are different mushroom hairstyle ideas you can try and rock this trend. Read on to find more about mushroom blonde hair color ideas to try this summer!

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What is Mushroom Blonde Hair? 

Mushroom blonde is a hair color that simply resembles the color of a mushroom. Imagine a cute mushroom, now imagine that fascinating color on your hair. This gorgeous hair color includes different ashy grey shades of mushroom and dark undertones embellished on your hair. You might’ve seen this hair color before on various social media platforms. It’s greyish blonde color with dark undertones. If you are a blondie, you can try this hair color out to explore the darker side. It’s even better for brunettes, you can lighten up a little bit if you are confused in deciding whether you should go all blonde or not. 

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Your hairstylist will need to bleach your strands to get a desired blonde hue and once they have worked upon the blonde highlights, then comes the best part, to add a touch of brown I grey lowlights to give it an earthy look and there comes the ultimate hair color you wanted, mushroom blonde! A perfect hair color that will make you feel like an earthy goddess. 

How to Maintain Mushroom Blonde Hair?

Whether you’ve tried this hair color at home or got it done by a professional,  you need to take care of it like a baby as bleach can damage your hair if not maintained properly. Here’s what you can do to maintain your beautiful mushroom blonde hair: 

  • Use a color protective shampoo and conditioner. This will protect your hair from damage and will keep your hair color vibrant.
  • Try deep conditioning twice a week to maintain and keep your mushroom hair intact.
  • Avoid washing hair with hot water as it strips off natural essential oils from your hair. This can also lead to the color fading away.
  • Use a heat protectant to protect your strands from the damage done using heat styling tools. Also, make sure to minimize the use of heat styling or use it on the lowest heat setting.

Gorgeous Mushroom Blonde Hair Ideas to Try 

The introduction might have been enough to make you try this mushroom blonde hair color but if you’re still not convinced enough, we got you some amazing mushroom blonde hair color ideas that are going to make you try this color out. Here are some of the most gorgeous mushroom blonde hair ideas you can try today! 

1. Opal Dark Ash Blonde

Hair colors are made for bob hair and mushroom hair color on your short hair would look magical. It’s a stunning dark ash blonde hair color that gives a beautiful metallic, opal finish. It looks completely trendy and glamorous. So, make sure to give it a try! 

2. Mushroom Melt 

Give your natural hair color a twist of supernatural look by adding subtle color melt into it. Trust us, you’re going to love it. If you have long hair, this one mushroom hair color is sure to swoon with excitement. Just how smooth and stunning it looks!  

3. Multi-Dimensional Mushroom

This mushroom hair color will go amazingly for both blondes and brunettes as it gives you a chance to showcase your opposite side without completely comprising your natural hair color. The ash brown lowlights with cool blonde highlights are just what you need to show your stylist today and get it done on your hair! 

4. Wavy Mushroom Blonde

Subtle waves with a beautiful mushroom blonde are something to die for! On top of it, if you have a bob with an elegant blonde, this hairstyle idea is for you. It is bold and chic and will give you a voluminous look. Get your hair ready this summer with this absolute chic hair color. 

Mushroom Blonde Hair Colour
Gorgeous Mushroom Blonde Hair Ideas to Try 

5. Cool Ash Mushroom Blonde

Whether you have natural beachy waves or sleek straight hair, this hair color will suit you in the most heavenly way. The assortment of cool and dark undertones is just so angelic. This look will look gorgeous either with elegant beachy waves, so make sure to try it! 

6. Icy Mushroom Blonde

This is absolutely something unique to try out on your hair. This look is full of yeast highlights with balayage in between. This beautiful in-between color is what you should have on your hair this summer for all the beach parties. Subtle curls or waves on this elegant color would look gorgeous. 

7. Mushroom Brunette

Although this hair color trend is called mushroom blonde, we can’t leave the brunette beauties! If you choose to keep your brunette as it is, you can still try out mushroom highlights to give your hair an extraordinary look this summer. You can freshen up this hair look with a new haircut. This multi-dimensional hair color is subtle yet extraordinarily luxurious! 

8. All mushroom Shades

Go dramatic with all shades of mushroom. Try this multidimensional and incorporate all the mushroom shades in the color palette on your hair. You are going to end up with dramatic and angelic hair color. These were some gorgeous mushroom hair color ideas to try out this summer. Whether you try dramatic or subtle shades of mushroom, this hair color wouldn’t disappoint you at all!  

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