Music is one of the most versatile tools to ever exist. Be it a party, a movie, a get-together with friends, jogging, or anything else for that matter, music always tends to add more to any occasion and completes it. It always enhances almost any and every kind of experience, even sexy time. Yes! Music goes hand in hand with intimacy but is seldom recognized for it. One of the best ways to set the mood for doing it is by playing a sex song; put on an amazing playlist of sex songs, and feel the magic unravel in your bedroom. 

What Exactly is Sex Music? 

Sex music tends to involve all types of songs for intimate feelings, from romantic and sensual to erotic and sexy, and it is often utilized as a great way of spicing things up with one’s partner. This is precisely because different genres and tempos of music tend to stir different types of feelings in an individual, and similarly, sex music also invokes sexual arousal in one. Sexual music tends to create a highly euphoric vibe and craving as it helps to build anticipation. This is why it is really useful in the bedroom because not only does it arouses one, but it also helps to heat things between two people. 

In fact, certain researches and studies have even shown that couples who listened to music while engaging in sexual activity of any kind, were more aroused and satisfied than couples who normally didn’t listen to any sex songs. Playing music gives you control of the vibe you want in the bedroom. Want to go hard, kinky, and rough? Put on some sexy rock and set the atmosphere for that. Want to go slow and sensual? Then, simply play some slow and low tempo music or put on some R&B and watch the mood set the way you want it to

Sex Music
Sex Music

How to Set the Mood with Sex Music?

First things first, make a sexy playlist that has just the kind of music that gets you and your partner in the mood and put it on shuffle before you and your partner start to do anything because that will set the mood just perfectly. Light some scented candles or switch on those pretty fairy lights or simply dim the lighting if you want an extra special effect and get into it. Then, while you both are slowly getting turned on, start teasing your partner and then take the pace the way you want it to. 

Get straight to the business or mess around and take things slow, either way, you’re going to have one hell of a time, thanks to the magic of music. But what are you going to play? Not sure? Well, don’t you worry because we have a list of just the best songs to have sex with?. Take a look at it: 

A Playlist for a Kinky and Rough Mood

  • Hands to Myself – Selena Gomez
  • I See Red – Everybody Loves An Outlaw
  • Miley Cyrus – Adore You
  • The Hills – The Weekend
  • Often – The Weekend
  • Flesh – Simon Curtis
  • Make Up Sex – SoMo
  • PILLOWTALK – Zayn Malik
  • Church – Chase Atlantic
  • Swim – Chase Atlantic
  • Sex Trip – Jay Park
  • Daddy – SAKIMA, your?Julia
  • Surprise Party – Hoodie Allen, Blackbear
  • Do I Wanna Know – The Arctic Monkeys
  • Believer – Imagine Dragons
  • Desire – Meg Myers
  • Eyes on Fire – Blue Foundation
  • Lovers – Anna of the North
  • Formula – Labrinth
  • Still Don’t Know My Name – Labrinth
  • Heaven – Julica Michaels
  • Climax – Usher

A Playlist for a Sensual and Intense Mood

  • Habits of My Heart – Jaymes Young
  • First Fuck – 6lack, Jhene Aiko
  • Freak Me – Silk
  • Versace On the Floor – Bruno Mars
  • Please Me – Bruno Mars, Cardi B
  • Cherry Wine – Hozier
  • Slow Dancing In The Dark – Joji
  • Toes – Glass Animals
  • Earned It – The Weekend
  • Fetish – Selena Gomez
  • Bad Liar – Selena Gomez
  • Dangerous Woman – Ariana Grande
  • Bags – Clairo
  • Body Party – Ciara
  • Kiss It Better – Rihanna
  • Nude – Radiohead
  • Nice and Slow – Usher
  • Rocket – Beyonce
  • Show You the Way – Thundercat
  • Child’s Play – SZA ft. Chance the Rapper
  • Summer Bummer – Lana Del Rey

Benefits of Sex Songs 

  • Playing sex music can especially be of help when you and/or your partner are stressed out or distracted because of which your sexual activity might get affected. But as the music also has a nice and calming effect, it can further help elevate your and/or your partner’s mood and get you both turned on.
  • Research also shows that listening to sex songs while getting hot and heavy can also pose as a positive distraction from consciousness or nervousness and negative thoughts related to body image issues as music helps you to focus on the task at hand as well as promote more confidence which ultimately leads to performance and satisfaction.
  • Music is highly likely to make you feel the presence of a special bond with your partner.
  • It is quite handy in sexual activities involving roleplay, fantasies, and even BDSM.
  • It helps to curb any kind of awkwardness as it makes the environment an intimate and comfortable one.
  • Sexual songs also provide a rhythm to one’s body.
  • It also leads to a heightened sense of emotional arousal which ultimately affects the physical and sexual arousal positively.

However, listening to sexual music while indulging in a sexual encounter is not what everyone would like; some might even get distracted or not want to play any music because they might not be able to hear their partner moaning then. So, it’s not a compulsion, after all, everybody has their own set of sexual preferences. But there’s no harm in at least giving it a try right? Who knows, maybe you believe that you will get distracted but what if sex music ends up making it even more pleasurable for both you and your partner! So, put this sex song playlist on and have fun! 

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