The numerous benefits of yoga is an undeniable fact which most of the world acknowledges today. Yoga helps in relieving stress, losing weight, digestion, and whatnot. While many people think that, yoga just ensures a better day to day life, it turns out that you can also try out yoga sex. Don’t get all baffled about complicated Kamasutra positions, including sex in yoga is pretty simple.

What is Yoga Sex?

Sex yoga is using traditional yoga positions during sexual activity. While using yoga sex for sexual intercourse, usually one person holds their preferred pose and the other gets involved in penetration or stimulation.

How Does Yoga Help In Better Sexual Activity?

Yoga sex sometimes is also known as flexible sex. It has wonderful benefits. Various studies prove that practicing yoga has a positive impact on your sexual and reproductive health. It also helps in dealing with anxiety and infertility issues. One of the primary benefits of yoga be it inside or outside your bedroom is to reduce stress. Yoga increases your cortisol levels thus helping to reduce the stress level in your body. Increased stress level can harm your body. A decrease in sexual desire is one of the negative impacts of stress. Yoga sex also helps you to understand your preferences better which in turn is beneficial for better communication with your partner. 

Top 5 Yoga Sex Exercise To Try

Beneficial for mental, emotional and physical health including yoga in sex may act as a full package, giving you wondrous results for your overall health as well as pleasure.

1. Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)

Bridge pose helps to strengthen your pelvic floor. Strengthening your pelvic muscles ensures reduced pain during sexual intercourse.

Yoga Sex Position
Yoga Sex Position

How to do the bridge pose:

  • Start by lying on your back.
  • Then, bend both of your knees. Your feet should be positioned hip-width apart. You need to make sure that your knees stay in line with that of your ankles.
  • Keep your arms on the floor by placing your palms against the ground. Spread your fingers.
  • Lift your pelvic area a little higher. Your shoulders and head should remain to lie on the floor; you have to raise only your pelvic area.
  • Hold your pelvic area lifted for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Then release and repeat the same process 5 to 8 times.

2. Happy Baby Pose (Ananda Balasana)

The happy baby pose stretches the back of the spine. It helps in opening up your inner thighs, groins and your hips. It also releases the tension trapped in the sacrum and lower back. It helps in relaxing and calming your mind and also helps to relieve stress and fatty going to the deep stretch.

Yoga Sex Position
Yoga Sex Position

Follow the below-mentioned steps to perform this pose:

  • Lie flat on your back. Elevate your legs and bring them close to your chest.
  • With your arms stretched on the inside of your legs hold your big toes employing a toe lock.
  • Gently open up your hips and widen your legs to deepen the stretch. Ensure that your head is resting on the floor.
  • Stack each ankle directly over the knee so that the shins are perpendicular to the floor.
  • Press your tailbones and sacrum right down to the floor whereas you press your heels up by pulling back with the help of your arms.
  • The shoulders ought to hold the area of your back and your spine should be pressed flat on the ground.

3. Downward Facing Dog Pose

Downward facing dog pose can be termed as a variation for the sex position commonly known as doggy-style position. This position helps in engaging with your core and helps in the stimulation of the vaginal walls.

Yoga Sex Position
Yoga Sex Position

How to do downward-facing dog pose:

  • The first thing to do is to make sure that you are placing your hands right. Keep your fingers separated while pressing equally into the floor.
  • Try to take your legs a little more backwards. Tuck your toes. When you tuck your toes don’t let your stomach lose, you have to suck your stomach inside as much as you can.
  • Slowly lift yourself upwards. While lifting yourself keep your focus on putting your hips back and up so basically you are lengthening your spine.
  • Try and keep your heels up. Drop the head down and completely relax your head do not bend your elbows at all.
  • Stay in the same position for 10-15 seconds and take long breaths.

4. Corpse Pose (Savasana)

Simple sex positions are what you need sometimes. They are comfortable and they ensure a better connection without much tediousness. 

Yoga Sex Position
Yoga Sex Position

You can also combine this position with a plank pose thereby giving you the 69 sex position. It helps to find a natural flow to allow every muscle in the body to rest. It helps in bringing your attention back to your body by connecting to every muscle and trying to relax them.

How to do the savasana pose:

  • Start by lying on your back and rest your arms alongside the body with the palms facing upwards.
  • Extend your legs straight by moving in front of you and permit your feet to drop out to the side to relax the legs fully.

6. Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

Cobra pose is a great pose for strengthening your back and for opening your chest and shoulders.

Yoga Sex Position
Yoga Sex Position

How to do the cobra pose:

  • Start with a downward-facing dog pose. On inhalation come for wood into plank position.
  • On exhalation bend your elbows and slowly lower down to the floor.
  • Roll your shoulders back and gently press your elbows in towards the distance apart.
  • Reach back through your legs, press down through your hands and slowly send your chest forward and up.
  • Keep the back of your neck long and your legs active as you continue to broaden collarbones and roll your shoulders back and down.

You can try out these yoga positions for your sexual intercourse as well. They relax your muscles thereby give you the utmost pleasure while having sex.

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