Sometimes, a hug is all we need to make everything in life better! Have you ever tried hugging your loved ones or your partner after having a long and bad day? If you haven’t, then, you must try it because it is magical!  Why? Researchers believe that when we hug someone we love, it increases the production of the love hormone, also known as OXYTOCIN. In reality, we may not always have a shoulder to cry on or get to hug someone when we need it.  Reading the title of the article, you might be getting an idea about what we will be discussing. The act of self hug is a powerful tool.  Yes, hugging yourself is a must-try as it has the same and equal benefits of hugging someone else. Most importantly, a self hug is nothing but a way to practice self-love. 

Self Hugging Benefits You Need to Know

Now, hugging yourself may sound a bit weird to many, we get it! Some may say hugging yourself will be a sad thing to do. Well, it would be wrong to underestimate the power of hugging yourself, without giving it a try. 

1. Mood enhancer

We, ladies, hate the days when nothing in our lives seems to be going the right way. This feeling of helplessness combined with mood swings makes the day worse. We wish to try anything to make these feelings go away. The most common pieces of advice that you will get to hear in such situations may include trying chocolate, watching a happy video or movie, talking to someone you love, or doing something that will ease your mind. We say, try self hugging and watch the change in your mood. 

2. Stress buster

Stress is an undeniable part of all our lives, especially when we become adults. The only solution to this is to find ways to lighten your body and mind. The easiest possible method here is a self hug. 

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How does Self Hug work?

When you get too stressed out, doesn’t it feel good when you get to hug your loved one? When you experience stress, your body boosts the secretion of cortisol, which is also known as the stress hormone. Now, when you hug someone or yourself, this stress hormone reduces in your body, relaxing you with the release of oxytocin. 

1. You will feel good about yourself

At some point in life, we all feel vulnerable and suffer from low self-esteem, be it for a few moments. Believe it or not, every single person craves some appreciation that boosts one’s self-esteem and confidence. Also, sometimes only you know how much effort you give at work or for studies. Others may not see or realize that, but you do know it. So, instead of waiting for others to appreciate your efforts, give a pat on your back, and try hugging yourself. 

How does Self Hug works

2. Keep your heart healthy with self hugs

Research shows that hugging yourself or hugging someone you care about has a significant positive impact on your health. The primary factor here is the release of the hormone oxytocin that plays the main role in keeping your heart healthy. As we said, oxytocin reduces stress. Now, when you are stressed out, your blood pressure rises, which ultimately affects your heart. Too much stress leads to cardiovascular diseases. So, try self hugging today itself if you are stressed. 

3. The best way to boost your immunity

We all know that a healthy diet and lifestyle are a must to maintain a strong immune system. A lesser-known fact is, hugging also reduces the chances of you suffering from any illnesses. WHAAT? Yes, you read it right! There is even one study that shows that hugging indeed reduces the symptoms of illnesses.

4. A self hug is free

Hugging someone else feels good, we do understand the feeling. But realistically speaking, we don’t always get to hug our loved ones when we need it the most. You may feel shattered or feel lonely in such situations. Well, we say forget about this and try hugging yourself. The only factor that will be constant throughout your life is yourself. So, hug yourself try and enjoy the moment. You will truly enjoy the empowering feeling and soothing effect. 

How to Hug Yourself?

Not sure how to try a self hug? No worries, we are here for you to walk through it. 

  1. Take your right arm across your left shoulder and hold it.
  2. Take your left arm across your right shoulder and hold yourself firmly yet gentle, as per your comfort level. You can also hug yourself any way you feel natural and relaxed.
  3. Give yourself the hug that you feel like having at the moment. A tight squeezing bear hug or a gentle one?
  4. You can also rest your head on your left shoulder while you hug yourself.
  5. You can try stroking your arms gently while hugging yourself.
  6. You can stay like this as long as you want to.

Never underestimate the Self hugging therapy

Many of you still might be unsure and reluctant about the concept of hugging yourself. It is okay to hug yourself, show some self-love, and be self-compassionate. To make it more effective, you can also try aromatherapy along with self hugging therapy. There are several ways to try aromatherapy – scented candles, diffusers with aromatic oils and tealight candles, electric diffusers. This combination of aromatherapy and self hug is a great way to minimize the stress you carried on your shoulders all day long. Improvisation is a key here to get the best results. Love is a powerful feeling. Like in the movie, Beautiful Creatures, the character Macon says "Love is a spell" created by mortals to give their females something to play with instead of power.” We all crave for love. But before that, we must learn to love ourselves first and feel the power that it holds. Always be kind to yourself and love yourself more, just like Samantha from Sex and The City does. So, go on and try the wonderful benefits of a self hug. You won’t regret it! 

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